Government announces uplift projects of billions for Bannu

Government announces uplift projects of billions for Bannu

News sources said that on Wednesday, July 13, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly (NA) Zahid Akram Durrani told PKR 15 billion development projects for the Bannu district. Among the projects are building two new universities and making Bannu Airport bigger.

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Reports say that Durrani told a group of people in the city after Eid that the federal government would pay for the projects to speed up the development of the city’s infrastructure. He said that the government has set aside a lot of money to improve the Bannu Airport and build two new institutions, one for women. The projects also include building infrastructure for roads, irrigation systems, agricultural improvement programs, and raising the Baran dam’s height to hold more water.

It’s important to note that the expansion of Bannu Airport was announced in 2015. However, the project was put on hold for several reasons.

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