Green Oaks Islamabad

Green Oaks Islamabad

Green Oaks Islamabad

Green Oaks Islamabad is a unique business that cultivates a private plan, where a shared vision, rich green environs, and modern courtesies are a way of life. Similarly, natural farming allows you to earn a regular yearly wage while simultaneously meeting your nutritional demands. These environmental ranches are being created under the leadership of established universities and the oversight of well-known rural experts. It is planned with the heritage and culture of the modern person in mind. By providing the most up-to-date and necessary opulent conveniences, the venture will be one of the highest cost-effective projects that will meet all of your financial and victuals needs. It’s a basic commercial farm dwelling concept. The project will provide a lovely living environment as well as business chances.

Developers & Owners

In Islamabad, Khanial Builders recently unveiled another lovely and inexpensive multi-purpose structure. Khanial Builders services to both buyers & sellers of the housing market. Their goal is to assist anyone looking for a home, land, or commercial property in the real estate market. Pakistani real estate agents also offer cutting-edge services and features. Their goal is to provide clients with the most accurate and reliable information available. Khanial Builders will change the way people buy and sell the estate in Pakistan. Khanial Builders can put you in contact with brokers who have a formal directive from the owner to sell the property. The housing market in Pakistan will be more efficient as a result of this. This means bringing in high-quality leads, relationships, and resources to manage and grow their client base for the agents.

Location Map

The Green Oaks is located in Islamabad’s most prestigious neighborhood, close to all of the city’s amenities and comforts. It’s right adjacent to Khanial Homes on the Chakri Interchange in Islamabad. The Islamabad-Lahore Motorway is nearby to Rangers Headquarters, the projected Ring Road, and Cadet College Rawalpindi, as can be observed on the map. The development of Chakri Road is currently underway, which will connect to the facility.

Green Oaks Islamabad location map

Furthermore, we discovered the Capital Smart City and Blue World City is in the society’s area. Rawalpindi Ring Road makes traveling to and from Islamabad quite convenient. This location is quickly turning into a future business center as a result of the expansion of the New Industrial Zone also on Ring Road and immediate access to the Motorway. The Thalian Interchange is about a 5-minute drive away, while the New Islamabad International Airport is around a 20-minute drive from this housing complex. This beneficial scheme is 5 minutes distant from CPEC Resorts & Khanial Hotel.

NOC Status

That concerns us the most, irrespective of the housing project in which we are engaged has been authorized by its development department. This also gives investors and individuals who want to construct the peace of their homes of mind. The RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) has approved the Green Oaks Argo Farm housing plan. If you haven’t noticed it yet, it has been publicly announced.

Master Plan

Green Oaks Islamabad would provide a natural panoramic and beautiful green environment and a premium lifestyle with cutting-edge services. Plus, there’s more. Natural farming provides investors with well-established annual returns as well as the opportunity to profit from their unique dietary needs. Farmhouses in the community have been urbanized under the monitoring of well-known universities and the management of well-known farming professionals. It is the ideal location for those who want an organic & natural style of life. It allows you to practice the traditional approach of gardening with other environmentally conscious people in your neighborhood.

master plan of green oaks Islamabad

Aside from meeting your necessities, it also provides you with the opportunity to earn a modest living through natural farming. The project’s most notable feature is that it provides investors with a plot of land to live on and a business association plan. Come up with a plan to buy a plot, build a tiny house or apartment, and set aside some space for your lawn. You can use the remaining property for agriculture to supplement your income, or you can pick any competitive technique for natural item farming using Green Oaks.


Without amenities and conveniences, residential projects are incomplete. This project provides a wide variety of facilities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The residential complex has numerous amenities to provide enhanced comfort and convenience.

  • 24/7 security
  • System for cleaning
  • Emergency exit
  • International and local labeled shops
  • Firefighting equipment in case of an emergency
  • Community with a fence around it
  • Residents have their own parking space.
  • Opulent waiting area
  • Residents have a designated driveway.
  • Gymnasium
  • Track for walking
  • BBQ region
  • Boundary wall
  • A medical facility
  • Schools
  • Monitored via security cameras
  • Parks
  • Security personnel who have been trained
  • A miniature golf course
  • Tea house
  • Decent Jogging Tracks
  • Lines for Cycling
  • Mini Clubs
  • Pools and Spas
  • Zoo
  • 3-D Fountains
  • Lyceum Club
  • Theme Parks
  • Honey Parks
  • Olive Gardens

Payment Plans

Investors will have various farmhouses to choose from, including 2 Kanal, 4 Kanal, 8 Kanal, and 16 Kanal. The builders have the opportunity of purchasing land in whole or in installments. The pre-launch booking process has begun. The developers have also unveiled a pre-launch payment schedule for plots that are spread over a four-year period. But, before we go into the payment plan, let’s speak about how to reserve or buy a plot.

To reserve a property in Green Oaks Islamabad, you must first register as a member and pay a membership fee based on the plot size. The membership cost is Rs. 10,000 for all plot types. It’s important to remember that the membership cost is non-refundable. After you’ve paid your membership fee, you’ll have to deposit a nominal booking fee that varies depending on the plot category:

  • For a 2 Kanal plot, the price is Rs. 75,000.
  • For a 4 Kanal plot, the price is Rs. 275 000.
  • For an 8 Kanal plot, the price is Rs. 500,000.
  • A 16 Kanal plot costs Rs. 900,000

After 30 days, a nominal fee for file allocation will be required, which will be Rs. 190,000 on 2 Kanal plots and the equivalent as the booking fee for the other plots. Following the 60-day booking period, you will pay a plot confirmation fee equal to the allocation value. You will have to allocate the remaining money into 48 monthly installments, each of which will be due on the first of each month. You will be obligated to pay ownership fees for the property you acquired once 36 days have passed after the previous installment was paid.

green oaks payment plan and prices


1. Membership (non-refundable payment):

The membership price for 2 Kanal, 4 Kanal, 8 Kanal, and 16 Kanal is 10,000 Rs/-.

2. Payment (booking):

The cost of a 2Kanal booking is 75,000, a 4Kanal booking is 275,000, an 8Kanal reservation is 500,000, and a 16Kanal booking is 900,000.

3. Allocation (at the end of the 30 days):

Allotment (after 30 days) has a cost of 190,000 for 2 Kanal, 275,000 for 4 Kanal, 500,000 for 8 Kanal, & 900,000 for 16 Kanal.

4. Confirmation (60 days later):

Verification (after 60 days) has a fee of 190,000 for 2 Kanal, 275,000 for 4 Kanal, 500,000 for 8 Kanal, & 900,000 for 16 Kanal.

5. Monthly Payments:

Monthly instalments for 2 Kanal are 20,000, 36,000, 62,000, and 115,000 for 4 Kanal, 8 Kanal, & 16 Kanal, respectively.

6. After 36 months, on Possessions:

The price of a 2 Kanal is 385,000, a 4 Kanal is 747,000, an 8 Kanal is 1,524,000, & a 16 Kanal is 2,580,000 on ownership (after 36 days).

7. Total cost:

The total cost of a 2 Kanal is 1,800,000 dollars, a 4 Kanal is 3,300,000 dollars, an 8 Kanal is 6,000,000 dollars, and a 16 Kanal is 10,800,000.


The master project manager and the country’s best agricultural experts are working together to fulfill this mammoth task. Green Oaks Islamabad’s project includes all essential services, including such exchange and family-friendly travel circumstances. The superiority of this location is a dazzling offer, as there are 30 feet, 40 feet, 60 feet, and 80 feet broad streets with appealing green spaces, road lighting, playground, institution, universities, clinics, and group emphasis. Along the lake, large parks are teeming with beauty. We are wholly committed to preserving this calm environment, and our fight continues.

Basic health facility

The initiative has built a state-of-the-art facility with 24-hour emergency facilities for the people’s excellent and healthy lifestyle.

Honey farming

Green Oaks’ first goal is to look after its residents. Honey has the ability to cure all sicknesses and death, but because authentic Desi honey is difficult to come by, society started honey farming. In the honey fields, Zugufran has recently begun flower cultivation. This battle gives a good reward in the form of genuine honey for the participants of Green Oaks Islamabad.

Olive farms

A balanced lifestyle is required for all people groups. Olive oil has the qualities of a pleasant life, and that is why Olive trees are being established in Green Oaks Islamabad, wherever they are at their best.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Pakistan’s natural environment is noted for its vegetation, with Islamabad being one of the most beautiful cities in the country. We have established a Green Oaks community that is entirely in sync with nature as a result of these convictions. A striking image of nature and also a sign of the excellent condition.

Possibility of earning

Global experts have been warning about its effects on human health, and now is the optimum time for organic food since the trend has gained momentum and is unstoppable. Human progress from the Stone Age to the modern-day has reached a pinnacle point.

People used only to eat every day, natural meals, but as time passed and more logical expanding methods became available, manufactured nourishment began to supplant natural sustenance, leaving people with a weak immune system. The Green Oaks Islamabad society’s fields produce grapes, orchids, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a range of other soil goods. That is a significant source of revenue. Climate, plant growth, and other factors all benefit.

Security system

Within the walled perimeter, the entire construction will be pretty secure. Security cameras will also be placed for 24/7 monitoring, as well as high-alert security personnel. As people, we are constantly on the quest for a peaceful environment. It’s why they are responsible for surveillance 24 hours per day. They set up special security devices to check the main gates on entry and exit. All of these protection measures are only available to Green Oaks Islamabad community members.

Theme parks

Green Oaks established a water park to involve the general public. Not everybody enjoys the beautiful water & lakes in their community, especially during the summer.


Green Oaks Islamabad community also encourages the improvement of everyday conveniences. The Lyceum club is among the better possibilities. This club provides a wide range of amenities.

Educational institution

the developers will develop a society-owned school to provide an excellent education for the residents’ children to help them have a better future. A society-owned school will be built to provide a quality education for the inhabitants’ children for a brighter future.

Cash and carry

The developers will establish a commercial center within the project’s grounds to meet the inhabitants’ daily requirements and needs.


Beautiful green parks and running paths will be accessible for a healthy lifestyle. There may also be a playroom for the children to keep them occupied.

Philosophical society

This organization plays an essential role in raising people’s consciousness in many areas, including education, attitude formation, and teaching them the fundamental guidelines of living a perfect life. This organization also hosts various conferences and exhibitions.

Other facilities

The society will also offer a mini-golf club, a lyceum club, a Suqrat Tosha Khana, and a tea house, among other amenities.

Pros and Cons


  • The green farm is equipped with all of the amenities found in established city societies.
  • You can farm here as well as life here.
  • Growing vegetables and fruits can provide a source of income.
  • Other societies are not like Oaks Farm.
  • The plan provides simple payment options.
  • A friendly environment enhances the oaks farm.
  • You can find original honey on the farm. This is also beneficial to one’s health and provides a valuable source of money.


  • Although there aren’t many drawbacks, ambiguous approval prevents you from investing.

Why engage in green oaks farm?

Green Oaks Islamabad offers customers a plot of land to reside on and the opportunity to start a business. Try to buy a plot, construct a little cabin/house, keep certain land for your yard, utilize the remainder for profitable development, or choose any other method for prosperity with Green Oaks Islamabad for the advancement of organic things. Green Oaks Islamabad will produce the yields, vegetables, natural products, blooms in accordance with the agreed-upon method and sell them to you, allowing you to profit handsomely every year.

As a consequence of Evolution’s voyage, new patterns develop. Experts around the world have been speaking about the dangers it poses to people’s health, and today is the best time to invest in Natural Foods because the movement has gained traction and is irreversible. From the Stone Age to the present day, human development has attained a pinnacle point. Individuals used to consume regular, fresh foods, but as time went on and more rational development techniques became accessible, artificial nutrition began to supplant natural food, leading people with a weakened immune system.

Due to its exceptional location, Green Oaks Residencia is an excellent project to invest in. Besides that, the project provides a safe and secure environment, as well as other attractions and appeals. The preceding investment incentives are among the other advantages.

  • RDA-approved, providing a safe investment with all required laws taken care of.
  • A 48-month payment plan that is both convenient and affordable.
  • Units are offered and come with full ownership.
  • It is located in the heart of a busy residential neighborhood.
  • It is ensuring timely project delivery on the shoulders of a globally skilled developer.


Green Oaks Islamabad was designed and built with modern living and featured state-of-the-art, international-standard amenities and convenience. It is a unique property investment project where You can find the most excellent properties for sale. It is enticing as a place to live as well as a place to make money.

If you have any questions, Estateland experts would be pleased to help.


Q1: What is the purpose of Green Oaks Farm?

A1: It is a development that provides farming and residential land amenities.

Q2: Is it possible to pay in installments?

A2: It does have a pretty simple payment plan.

Q3: Who are the green oaks’ designers?

A3: Khanial builders are the creators of green oaks.

Q4: Can I purchase a two-Kanal plot of land?

A4: Yes, numerous land areas are available at meager prices.

Q5: What is the procedure for purchasing property on Green Oaks Farm?

A5: To purchase land, please come to our office.

Q6: Is it possible to buy a farm in installments?

A6: Yes, it provides you with farms every month.

Q7: Do the farms have a chance of making me money?

A7: Yes, those farms can make you a lot of money.

Q8: What is the average size of a farmhouse?

A8: The farmhouses come in 2, 4, 8, and 16 Kanal sizes.

Q9: How much do 8 Kanal farmhouses cost?

A9: The cost of the 8 Kanal farm is $9,000,000.

Q10: How much is the cost of membership?

A10: The membership fee is ten thousand dollars.

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