Housing Societies In Karachi Are Getting Troubled As Cattle Market

Housing Societies In Karachi Are Getting Troubled As Cattle Market

Our news reporter informed that housing societies of Karachi are getting troubled as cattle markets creep in. the residents of the housing societies have filed many complaints, but no one took any action. With Eidul Azha approaching, plenty of informal cattle markets have extended up across the city to sell sacrificial animals, invading residential spaces and disturbing people’s movement.

This year, the Sohrab Goth Maweshi Mandi, Pakistan’s largest cattle market, was established in front of the housing societies in Scheme-33.

On the other hand, the vast cattle market has crept into the heart of the neighborhood, causing traffic jams and making it hard for inhabitants of the housing societies in Karachi to reach their homes without passes provided by the market’s administration.

Our reporter further added, They have put up a market right at the entrance and have begun misbehaving with residents and tourists alike. They are imposing hefty parking and entrance fees on the residents, which is completely illegal. The organizers charge Rs6000 for an access card to cover the costs of the guards posted at all entry and exit points protecting the market’s boundaries.

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Last year, the Sindh High Court issued a stay order banning the market’s administration from setting up stalls near housing societies in Karachi, but law enforcement has been poor, allowing organizers to take up places with permission.

If the shelters are not removed, residents have threatened to protest on the highway. The organizers have placed barriers on the road leading to the housing society, according to Kokab Baig, a resident, and it is “manned by uncivilized staff, who habitually misbehaves with the residents.

Another homeowner, Asif Jahangir, expressed his displeasure by saying that his son’s wedding ceremony was scheduled for July 25, but he is concerned about whether visitors would be allowed to attend due to the market’s careless expansion and disturbances.

The situation is expected to grow in the days running up to Eidul Azha when the number of visitors would rise. The locals are expecting large crowds at the cattle auction.

Another homeowner, Munawar, believes that placing a cattle market right in front of the housing societies in Karachi will convert it into a garbage dump, 

Severe fights have also occurred between the cattle market’s guards and the nearby inhabitants who have been affected.

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