Illegal houses on the archaeology land at Tibba Singarwala demolished

Illegal houses on the archaeology land at Tibba Singarwala demolished

Illegal’ houses on the archaeology dept land at Tibba Singarwala in Punjab were demolished.
On Friday, the district government razed dozens of illegally built buildings in Tibba Singarwala on property granted to the archaeological department.

The department in charge of the Harappa museum got the land near Ravi. Deputy Commissioner Umer Javed and Assistant Commissioner Irfan Hinjra led the operation. Tibba Singarwala archaeology land illegal houses dismantled.

Archaeology Department Deputy Director Muhammad Hassan uncovered six hundred sixty objects of various types during excavations. He listed terracotta bowls, human molds, animal and human figurines, clay beads, iron objects, shells, glass and copper bangles, stone pestles, and whetstones. Erasing the layers of ceramics revealed their utilitarian essence.

The people who encroached on the area and erected residences on Kamalia’s centuries-old mound (Tibba Singarwala) refused to leave, he said. It was reported to the DC by Harappa Museum Curator Ahmad Nawaz Tippu that Kamalia Tehsil had granted the archaeological department 20 acres of land in 2008, but the encroachers claimed ownership for decades.

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The antiquities were uncovered during the initial excavation of the mound by an archaeological department team led by Hassan, which began in 2010 and ended in 2011. He added Tibba Singarwala was 45 feet high and had 70-80 dwellings and livestock pens built on it without a license.

He claimed that the Antiquities Act 1975 required the mound dwellers to abandon the area before excavations could begin. Furthermore, per the Supreme Court’s order, the DCs were to clear encroachments surrounding any historical site or monument designated by the archaeological department in their districts.

He added that a civil judge in Toba denied the tenants’ stay request due to the department’s documentation proof. Under the Colonies Act, villagers protested destroying unlawful dwellings under the Colonies Act who claimed it was an attempt to take their land. He stated the land was now safe for excavation.

Tariq Imran, a human rights activist in Kamalia, claimed that they punished the poor for not voting for the ruling party people in the last general election. He wanted compensation for those displaced.

Tortured woman, husband, and son were allegedly tortured at a market by a Pirmahal police cell on Friday.

The mom alleged in the FIR that her son and a vendor fought over parking a rickshaw at the grain market. She alleged the culprit and his 12 accomplices injured her and tore her clothes.

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