In Islamabad, two more Afghan settlements were bulldozed

In Islamabad, two more Afghan settlements were bulldozed

ISLAMABAD: On Wednesday, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) destroyed two Afghan settlements in Margalla Town Phase 2 and I-12/2.

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The CDA’s enforcement directorate carried out an operation against the unlawful colonies established close to Nust, according to a press release published by the municipal organization on Wednesday.

With the aid of large machinery, the CDA workers destroyed numerous livestock farms and scores of rooms. 250 kanals of land were recovered as a consequence of the operation, and they were eventually donated for sector development.

In addition, another operation in Margalla Town Phase 2 was carried out with the aid of police and the regional government.

A large number of homes and cattle farms were destroyed during the effort to reclaim state property where the community had long before been established.

A second operation was carried out at Mandi Mor in response to an encroachment allegation. Encroachments on both sides of the roads were removed during the operation.

In the meanwhile, the capital police detained four additional ‘illegal’ Afghan immigrants from various locations and filed individual proceedings against them in accordance with Section 14 of the Foreigners Act.

Four ‘illegal’ immigrants from Aabpara Chowk were detained by police after they were unable to present any valid travel documentation. Similar to this, Shalimar police detained a ‘illegal’ Afghan immigrant from F-10/2 because he lacked the required paperwork.

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