Ismail Tower-retail Sialkot's ground level apartments are popular

Ismail Tower-retail Sialkot’s ground level apartments are popular

Sialkot: The commercial units in Ismail Tower-Sialkot, a beautiful mixed-use project in Khayaban-e-Nawab on Airport Road, Sambrial, are already sold out. Investors are interested in the project site because of how quickly it is being built up. As the building of the high-end apartments gets closer to being done, the ground-plus-four-storey project has become a public favourite.

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A 36-month payment plan is available for apartments and stores in the TMA-approved project. In addition, the project is sure to get a significant return on its medium-term investment because of where it is. Here are some of the essential parts of the project.

The best place in town to live

Ismail Tower is in the best part of the city. It is in the gated community of Khayaban-e-Nawab. The project is the best investment because it is close to the most important neighborhoods and city services. The project site is close to Sambrial Airport, the Dry Port, and the Motorway.

2 kilometres from the highway between Sialkot and Lahore
2 kilometres from the Sambrial Dry Port, 3 kilometres from the Sialkot International Airport, and 3 kilometres from Sambrial City.
5 kilometres from Government Islamia Degree College Sambrial
Several building projects in Sialkot have been given a timetable.

Amenities overview

The project has a lot of advantages and modern amenities that are made for all kinds of clients. It also includes business-friendly infrastructure for shops on the ground floor and living space for people who live in apartments. Among the most essential parts of the project are:

  • Security around the clock
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Khayaban-e-Nawab is a safe neighborhood with a gated entrance.
  • Airport Road makes it easy to get there.
  • Close to a police station, schools, and public transportation
  • In the middle of residential neighborhoods
  • supply of water and electricity that doesn’t stop
  • There is parking on the first floor.

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