Lahore Motorway City

Lahore Motorway City


The Lahore Motorway City is the unique and futuristic housing society in Lahore. Moreover, the owners of this housing society are working diligently to provide the best living experience. Furthermore, the location is the best aspect of this real estate project, close to vital sites. And the master plan is here with various properties, including different blocks and plots. Most importantly, the payment plan is reasonable for all the investors and future residents. Therefore, this is one of the best housing societies in Lahore, like Pak Arab Housing Society Lahore. Lastly, to know about this housing society in detail, continue reading.

Owners & Developers

The owner of this residential project is the Renaissance Group. Moreover, the developers are already known for their magnificent developing projects. Furthermore, the developers are working to create classy housing societies for a sustainable lifestyle. Most importantly, they aim to provide all amenities at affordable prices. And this is the feature that all investors look for before doing any residential project. Moreover, the famous residential schemes of the developers are River Gardens Housing Project and RCCI Industrial Estate-Extension. Lastly, the developers trust the investors, which is vital for real estate investors like Blue World City Islamabad.

Location & Map

The location is a significant feature of this developing project. Moreover, it is at Lahore Sheikhupura, near Kot Abdul Malik Exchange. Furthermore, it is close to Lahore’s central area to offer sustainable and healthy living standards. And the housing society is near Thokar Niaz Baig and the general Post Office, Punjab University, Lahore College, Mall Road, Railway Station, and Mall Road. All these sites make this real estate project a valuable real estate investment. Lastly, developers thought to provide the best area to all the residents and the investors.


Lahore Motorway City Location

NOC Status

The No objection certificate is another feature that all investors find vital before investing. Moreover, it is significant to gain the future residents’ and investors’ trust and confidence. Therefore, the developers of this real estate project have achieved legal status. And it has legal status under the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA). So, we can say that investing here will not be risky. Furthermore, the future residents will feel confident regarding this real estate investment.

Lahore Motorway City Payment Plan

The payment plan is what all investors look for before making any real estate investment. Moreover, the developers want to provide high living standards to all the investors and the residents at an affordable price range, like the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Furthermore, the garden block that includes all the residential plots of 3.5 marlas to 10 marlas has a price range of PKR 1,000,000/- to PKR 2,700,000/-. And the overseas block with five to forty marlas residential properties has a price range from PKR 1,550,000/- to PKR 8,200,000/-.

Most importantly, the developers also provide the provision of the installment program. As we all that, the installment encourages investors from different economic backgrounds to invest here. Lastly, the estimated price range starts from PKR 1,300,000/- to PKR 10,200,000/-. And to get the details of updated payment plans, visit the official website of Estate Land marketing.


Lahore Motorway City Payment Plan

Master Plan

The master plan of this housing scheme has both commercial and residential properties. Moreover, the owners provide all the necessary aspects that all residents and investors need to attain a successful living standard. Furthermore, the plots available here start from 3.5 marlas to 2 Kanal. Most importantly, several amenities and features are available here, from essential to high-end aspects.


Lahore Motorway City Master Plan


The housing society has electricity, gas, water, an adequate sewerage system, parks, grounds, education, and healthcare facilities. All these features increase the value of this real estate project. Moreover, to meet the living requirements of future residents and investors, the housing society has five blocks.

Block P

Block P includes a variety of properties to meet the requirements of the residents and the investors. Moreover, the plots are five marlas, ten marlas, one Kanal, and two Kanal. Furthermore, commercial properties are also here to help the residents start their businesses. And, there will be mosques and parks to offer the best living experience. Lastly, it is close to the Gulfishan Colony.

Block Q

The block also has residential and commercial plots. Moreover, it includes parks, community clubs, mosques, shopping centers, and parking areas. All these facilities are available at the block to offer high-end lifestyles to all residents.

Block R

Block R consists of several properties to cater to the residents and investors. Moreover, the residential properties available here are 3.5 marls, five marlas, seven marlas, and ten marlas. Furthermore, there will be an availability of a commercial area. Most importantly, the\is block contains a mosque, a park, a hospital, and a graveyard.

Block S

Block S has one and two Kanals plots. Moreover, the properties available here are one and two Kanal. Furthermore, there has a commercial area. And there will also be parks, playgrounds, and a mosque.

Block T

The block has several residential properties ranging from  Five marlas, seven marlas, ten marlas, and one Kanal. Furthermore, there will be a commercial area to help grow the residents and investors economically. Lastly, there will be a graveyard, parks, and mosques.

Development Status

The housing society is developing at a high pace. Moreover, most of the properties and plots are ready for possessions. Furthermore, block S has completed the construction work to invest here right away. And the balloting process is going on here. Most importantly, a legal real estate process signifies that the development and construction work here will soon be complete. Therefore, investing here now will be valuable because once the development work completes, the price range of the plot will increase. Lastly, according to all the facilities available, investing here will be an asset.

Lahore Motorway City Features

The features are a significant aspect of this real estate project. Moreover, all these features are available at affordable prices. some of them are as follows:

  • Availability of all Basics
  • Education Centers
  • Health Care Units
  • Shopping Centers, Malls, and Groceries Shops.
  • Grand Mosques
  • Adequate Sewerage System
  • Parking Area
  • Parks and Grounds
  • Eco-Friendly Project
  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Commercial Area
  • Ideal Location
  • Restaurants and Bakeries
  • Beauty Parlor and Spa


There are a lot of amenities present in this housing society. Moreover, all these aspects are here to facilitate the best living experience for all the residents and the investors. Some of them are as follows:

Healthcare and Educational Centers

There will be a healthcare unit working in the housing society that will work 24/7 to help the resident in the case of medical emergencies. Moreover, educational institutes will be available in this real estate project to follow international standards. Lastly, investing here will be a sustainable real estate investment option.

High-Quality Infrastructure

The developers make sure to provide high-quality infrastructure to all the residents and the investors. Moreover, it is vital for attaining a sustainable and high-end living standard. Therefore, the building and roads will add beauty and luxury to the residents’ lives.

Underground Electricity System

The developers keep the latest international urban town planning standards while developing this housing society. Moreover, there will be electricity available 24/7. Most importantly there will be an underground electrical system. Therefore, living here will be bliss.

Foolproof Secured Environment

A peaceful and secured environment is another factor for all residents to have a sustainable living standard. Moreover, to provide that facility to all the investors, CCTV cameras will be available to work 24/7. Furthermore, the security guards will be there to help the residents and to avoid any inconvenience.

Graveyard and Grand Mosques

Death is a prominent part of life. Therefore to offer facilitation in grief, there is a graveyard. Moreover, to fulfill the residents’ religious requirements, there are mosques where all residents can go and complete their religious obligations.

Business Opportunities

The commercial area in this housing society will help the resident and investors grow economically. Moreover, the residents can start their business according to their preferences. Most importantly, the commercial plots are affordable that, will further facilitate the investors. Therefore, investing here will yield higher monetary benefits.

Advantages & Disadvantages

The advantages are numerous of investing in this residential project. Some of them are as follows:


  • Provision of electricity, gas, and water
  • Healthcare Units
  • Education Institution
  • Grand Mosque
  • Graveyard
  • High-quality Infrastructure
  • Suitable Location
  • Affordable Payment Plan
  • Malls, Shopping Area, and Grocery Shops
  • Commercial Area
  • Eco-Friendly Residential Scheme
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Security Guards
  • Parks and Grounds


  • Perceptions of Expensive Properties

Why Invest in Lahore Motorway City?

There are several reasons for investing here. Moreover, the facilities available here are numerous and will add value to future residents’ lives. Furthermore, the location and price range are highly accessible and reasonable. Most importantly, the residential project has everything from comfort to luxuries that all residents need. Some of the facilities available here are educational institutions, Health care units, Parks, grounds, graveyards, mosques, malls, shopping centers, and commercial areas.

Moreover, the developers want to provide the best living experience to all the investors and the residents. Secondly, the development work is going at a high pace. Lastly, to know more about this housing society, visit the official Estate Land Marketing website.


The Lahore motorway city is a unique housing society. Moreover, this is a legal housing society approved by the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA). Furthermore, it is at Lahore Sheikhupura, near Kot Abdul Malik Exchange. And the most important feature is the master plan that includes a variety of plots and blocks to meet the residential needs of the future residents and the investors. Most importantly, the payment plan is affordable where all residents can easily invest here. Another significant aspect is the site close to all the vital areas. And, the development and construction work is also happening at a fast rate. Therefore, investing here will be a valuable real estate investment. Lastly, to know more information regarding this real estate investment, visit the official website of Estate Land Marketing.


Q1. What is the Lahore Motorway City?

It is a housing society in Lahore.

Q2. Who are the owners of this real estate project?

The owner of this residential project is the Renaissance Group

Q3. What is the NOC status?

The housing society has legal status under the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA).

Q4. Where is the location of this residential project?

It is at Lahore Sheikhupura, near Kot Abdul Malik Exchange

Q5. Is the payment plan affordable?

Yes! The payment plan is highly affordable.

Q6. Is there is a provision for an installment program?

Yes! There is an option of an installment plan to help the investors pay the due amount.

Q7. Is the is a provision of a commercial area?

Yes! There is a commercial area where all investors can invest can grow economically.

Q8. Is investing here valuable?

Yes! According to this housing society’s amenities, investing here will be valuable.

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