Land belonging to the state that was recovered, worth Rs90 million

Land belonging to the state that was recovered, worth Rs90 million

Land belonging to the state that was recovered, worth Rs90 million. During an operation against land grabbers on Monday, the district government of JHELUM got back six kanals and seven marlas of land worth Rs90 million. The process began near the river belt Jhelum, where a special team led by Jhelum Assistant Commissioner Maria Javed and equipped with heavy machinery got to work. During the operation, walls and buildings that were still being built were torn down.

Kamran Khan, the deputy commissioner of Jhelum, said that the operation against the land-grabbing mafia would go on and every inch of state land would be taken back.

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The land was owned by the department of irrigation. Later, the land that had been given up was given to the right department.

Officials were fired

Officials from the agriculture and revenue departments are being charged with selling urea at very high prices at sale points set up by the district government.

Kamran Khan, who is the deputy commissioner of Jhelum, went to the Fertilizer Sale Point in Sanghoi without warning. He learned from the farmers there that the 50kg bag is being sold for Rs2,100, even though the official price is Rs1,850.

The deputy commissioner said that a case had been filed against two patwaris from the revenue department, an agriculture field assistant, the secretary of the union council Singhoi, and a fertiliser dealer.

He said that the officials who were involved in the illegal activity had been fired, and that a field assistant for agriculture had been arrested on the spot. He also said that raids were being done to catch the other suspects.

Also, the deputy commissioner told the staff to make sure the farmers had cold water to drink and a comfortable place to sit.

All of the places where fertiliser is sold should have a price list in a prominent place, he said, adding that the officers who were careless or broke the law would face strict legal action.

The deputy commissioner said that most of the farmers had gotten their extra money back, and the rest were being contacted to get their money back.

No swimming allowed

For 30 days, the Punjab government used Section 144 to stop people from swimming and bathing in the river and dams in the Jhelum district. Kamran Khan, who is the deputy commissioner for Jhelum, said that people who break the law will be taken to court.

Three kids between the ages of 6 and 10 drowned in the Jhelum River on Saturday.

Police said that the kids and their families had come to the city to go to a wedding.

Rizwana, who was ten, Usman Muhammad Iqbal, who was seven, and Natasha, who was six, all went to the river to cool off. There, the strong waves of the river swept away the three children.

Rescue 1122 workers went to the scene of the accident after hearing about it. After a long fight, they were able to get Rizwana’s body out, but Usman and Natasha were still missing.

Land belonging to the state that was recovered, worth Rs90 million.

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