LDA expedites the process of approving building plans

LDA expedites the process of approving building plans

Lahore: According to news reported on October 3, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has made substantial modifications to its construction plan approval procedure for private housing schemes and ordinary LDA projects.

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The LDA reportedly claimed a significant reduction in the amount of time needed to approve building designs for housing complexes. Previously, the clearance process took 30 days, but now it only takes 3 working days. LDA Director General Muhammad Ali Randhawa proposed this move to speed up the approval procedure and emphasized the significance of making the entire process more focused on the demands of the general population. This change aims to make everything go more smoothly for all parties involved.

The LDA is also actively striving to create a user-friendly online system to further streamline the approval procedure. The public will have several options for submitting and following up on their building ideas thanks to this internet platform, which is being developed as a supplement to the already-existing physical channels.

According to Azhar Ali, the chief town planner for the LDA, “All necessary reports and procedures, from site reports to final approvals, will now be centralized at the One Window Cell.” Additionally, he suggested the revision of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and the removal of duplicate clerical processes. The E-Khidmat software developed by PITB will further improve user friendliness by providing thorough plot reports via GIS and producing challans via the SAP system.

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