LDA proposes three Babu Sabu-Band Road restoration designs

LDA proposes three Babu Sabu-Band Road restoration designs

On October 3, news sources said that the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has come up with three designs for fixing up the area from Babu Sabu Interchange to Band Road.

Under the project “Rehabilitation of Band Road from Babu Sabu Interchange to Ring Road and Improvement at Gulshan-i-Ravi T-Junction,” the development authority came up with the idea. Under the project, the authority will build a carriageway with multiple lanes and flyovers to connect the city’s two busiest points of entry and exit.

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Design 1:

  • From Babu Sabu Interchange to Ring Road, there will be a six-lane, two-way road.
  • The traffic will use a three-lane underpass with a height clearance of 5.1 metres (bound for Babu Sabu Interchange)
  • PKR The 10.5-kanal plot of land needed for the project will cost $4,959,000,000 to buy.

Design 2:

  • From the Babu Sabu Interchange to the Ring Road, there will be a six-lane road with two protected U-turns.
  • The project would cost PKR 4.104 billion. More than PKR 2.079 billion would go toward building it, and the rest would go toward buying the 40-kanal plot of land.
  • The project will create a protected U-turn lane on Band Road between Babu Sabu Interchange and a stretch of road without traffic lights.

Design 3:

  • From Babu Sabu to Band Road, there is a six-lane road with flyovers.
  • For traffic going to the Babu Sabu Interchange, there will be a three-lane flyover.
  • In this way, the LDA Executive Board will decide for sure on the project at their next meeting. The Planning and Development (P&D) Board will also have something to say about this.

According to the LDA, steps have been taken to get rid of traffic jams and lower carbon emissions by making traffic flow smoothly and without signals.

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