Maps and building plans cannot be approved in Sindh, according to LG

Maps and building plans cannot be approved in Sindh, according to LG

According to news reports, the local government (LG) department in Sindh banned the approval of maps for all forms of housing projects, buildings, and commercial plazas on Thursday, August 24.

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It was emphasized that this drastic measure was taken in an effort to curb the proliferation of unlawful construction. Local Government Minister Mubin Jumani ordered the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) to take immediate action against the prevalent ‘illegal construction system’ in the province.

The prohibition on map approval pertains to the SBCA and all other development authorities under the administrative jurisdiction of the local government department. In addition, sources have revealed that the distribution of any form of building plans and layouts has been prohibited. Several civic and development organizations, including the Karachi Development Authority, Malir Development Authority, and Lyari Development Authority, have been informed of this directive.

This limitation on the issuance of permits for maps, building plans, and layouts will also apply to the Hyderabad Development Authority, the Sehwan Development Authority, and the Town Planning Department.

According to the sources, this prohibition is temporary and primarily relates to shaping future policies. Subsequently, the provincial supervisory authorities will devise a clear policy on this matter. In the interim, the Minister for Local Government emphasized the need for organizations such as the Water Board and Karachi Development Authority (KDA) to devote all of their resources to providing public amenities and relief measures. The minister directed the General Director of KDA, Pervez Ahmed Baloch, to enhance available resources and restore the city’s aesthetics.

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