Meezan City Islamabad

Meezan City Islamabad

Meezan City Islamabad is one of Islamabad’s modern and distinctive housing societies, making it a valuable real estate investment for residents’ Twin cities. Moreover, it is at Chakri Interchange in M2-Motorway as the location is the prime aspect of this housing society. Furthermore, the developers of the housing society are keen to provide high-quality living standards to its residents at affordable prices. Therefore, the investment will be the right decision for better future outcomes. Lastly, to know more regarding this residential project, continue reading.

Owners & Developers

The developers of this magnificent real estate project are Quetta Shaheen Builder, developing this project in collaboration with Green Marketing. Moreover, these are relatively new developers in town who know the art of building high-quality infrastructure. And, their primary concern is to promote sustainable living standards for investors and future residents. Therefore, they have a team of professionals and experts famous for their high-end real estate development skills. Lastly, affordability is what developers make sure of before building this housings society.

Location & Map

The location is the most attractive feature of any real estate development project. Moreover, for the facilitation of the investors and residents, the developers are here with the highly accessible area close to Islamabad International Airport. Furthermore, it is at Chakri Interchange on M2-Motorway (Lahore-Islamabad). Other adjacent areas are Capital Smart City and Rawalpindi Ring Road. All these sites make this housing society a valuable real estate investment. And, its closeness to CPEC Route makes this housing society the best real estate investment for all the investors. Lastly, the investors and residents always look for locations where all basics are available in the surrounding areas.


Meezan city Islamabad Location

NOC Status

The no-objection certificate is the primary concern of all investors because it’s worthless in investing in illegal housing societies. Therefore, the developers of this real estate project have applied for legal status, and soon they will receive their NOC status from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). So we can say that investing here now will be feasible because once the housing society gains its legality, the price of the plots heer will spike. Lastly, to get the latest updates regarding the NOC status of this housing scheme, visit the official website of Estate land marketing.

Payment Plan

Economic investment is the first and foremost vital aspect that all investors look for before making any genuine estate investment. Moreover, the developers aim to offer the best buying experience for the investors and residents just the kingdom valley payment plan. As living in a dream home is the wish of every individual. So, this housing society is offering a high-end living experience with affordability. Furthermore, there is an installment plan to facilitate the investors and residents further. So investors from all economic backgrounds can invest here. Lastly, the details are as follows:

Residential & Commercial Plots Payment Plan

The residential plots available here are the majority of the properties in this housing society, where the price range starts from PKR 1200000/- to PKR 11200000/-. Moreover, other details are here:

Meezan City Payment Plan

Farmhouses Payment Plan

The developers know how to add luxury to the investors’ and residents’ lives. Therefore, the housing society has a provision of farmhouses. Furthermore, the price range starts from 6,800,000/- to PKR 22,400,000/-, other details are here:

Meezan City Islambad Farm houses payment plan

Master Plan

The master plan is a unique piece of art, where all experts have done a tremendous job. Moreover, there are several blocks available here to meet the requirement of the investors and residents. Furthermore, the primary concern of the developers is to offer high-end living standards to all residents and investors, just like the Blue World City Islamabad. The total land covered by this housing society is 15000 Kanal. Furthermore, the master plan has amenities that residents want to have high-quality living standards. Mainly the master plan includes residential, commercial plots, and farmhouses. Lastly, other details are as follows:


Meezan City Islamabad Master plan

Residential Plots

The residential plots are the core of all housing societies. Moreover, this real estate scheme has several residential properties to facilitate the residents with high-end living standards. Furthermore, the available option is from 5 marlas to 2 Kanal. All these are available at affordable prices. And, the best feature is that all plots here have an installment option; this will further facilitate the investors. Lastly, if you are looking for a real estate investment that has it all from comforts, luxury, and ideal location, then investing here will not than an asset.

Commercial Plots

Commercial areas are the hour’s need for all the residents, allowing investors and residents to grow economically. Moreover, the investors or residents can grow their business as the location of this housing society is ideal for any startup. As we all know, the housing society is close to New Islamabad International Airport, Rawalpindi Ring Road, and CPEC Route. These sites open up more business opportunities for all the residents and investors. Lastly, the commercial plots are different, starting from 5 marlas and eight marlas.

Farm Houses

The developers to add serenity to the housing society by having an option of farmhouses. As we all know, all individual requires rest and break to function correctly. Therefore, all residents will feel fresh and active after a hectic routine. Furthermore, the location of this housing society is so serene and beautiful that it will add beauty to the housing society. Lastly, the plot sizes available here are from 4 to 8 Kanal.

Development Status

The development status of Meezan City is going on at a high pace. Moreover, leveling of plots has started, and the heavy machinery is also there to start the construction work. Furthermore, society is developing at a high pace. Therefore, investment here will be valuable as the development increase the prices of plots will also increase. As we all know, the developers aim to offer the fastest services to tier residents and investors. Furthermore, the quickest development status will enhance the worth of the investment in any real estate project. Lastly, visit the Estate Land Marketing website to get the latest updates.


  • Secured gated community
  • 24/7 availability of CCTV Cameras
  • Provision of all basics like electricity, water, and gas.
  • Adequate drainage system
  • Theme parks and grounds
  • Jogging grounds for recreational activities
  • Zoo
  • Golf club
  • Education and healthcare facilities
  • Cinemas and theater
  • Commercial area
  • Shopping and grocery stores
  • Effective waste disposal mechanism


There are countless amenities present in this housing society to facilitate investors and residents. Some of them are as follows:

Environmental-Friendly Project

The developers have maintained the serenity and freshness in the environment. Therefore, they have to use the urban town planning standards that allow less wastage of materials. There is also a plantation drive in the housing society to add cleanliness.

High-Quality Infrastructure

The developers are here with a high-quality infrastructure that will allow all investors to have a quality living standard. Moreover, there are wide roads with green belts in the society that will add richness and a high-end look to the community. Lastly, the investors must feel lavish at affordable prices, which is the builders’ primary concern.

Healthcare and Education Facilities

There will be the availability of adequate healthcare facilities and education system to facilitate the both of these are the mandatory part of this high-quality living life. Moreover, these facilities will be available 24/7 in case of an emergency.

Secured Gated Community

Security is a necessary aspect of this housing society as there is a boundary wall surrounding the community. Moreover, there will be the availability of CCTV Cameras to increase the security concerns of humanity. Lastly, security guards will be present there 24/7 to avoid any inconvenience in the community.

Business Opportunities

The commercial area in the housing scheme will encourage the investors to start their startups and business options. Moreover, the investors can flip the property or build their dream business at affordable prices. Lastly, this housing society provides an opportunity for an installment program to facilitate further the investors’ making their brands.

Grand Mosque

Religious obligations are what all investors look for before investing in the real estate industry. Therefore, to facilitate the investors and residents, the developers of this housing society have built a grand Mosque where all residents can efficiently complete their religious roles.

Pros and Cons

There are several benefits and privileges of investing in this real estate project. some of them are as follows:


  • Provision of all basics
  • Eco-friendly environment
  • High-quality infrastructure
  • Educations institutes
  • Healthcare units
  • Customer support center
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Grand Mosque
  • Shopping Malls


  • Perception of high plot prices

Why Invest in Meezan City Islamabad?

There are several reasons to invest in Meezan City Islamabad as it allows investors and future residents to have high-quality living standards. Moreover, the location is the prime feature of this housing society. It is highly accessible from the New Islamabad International Airport, CPEC Route, Rawalpindi Ring Road, and Chakri Interchange on M2-Motorway. Furthermore, the payment plan is also affordable according to the amenities it has to offer. Most importantly, the development status of this residential project is going at a high pace, which is a critical indicator that all the construction work will complete soon. Therefore, investment here will be beneficial for residents and investors.


The Meezan City Islamabad is a state of art project with the help of professionals and experts. Moreover, the developers aim to facilitate the investors with high-end living standards. The location is what makes this real estate project an ideal investment opportunity. Furthermore, the housing society is soon to receive its legal status. And the developers are keen to achieve its legality. Moreover, several amenities include all comforts and luxuries in one gated community. Lastly, to know more regarding the updates of this housing scheme, visit the housing society site or the website of Estate Land Marketing.


Q1. What is Meezan City Islamabad?

It’s a housing society in Islamabad.

Q2. What is the location of this real estate project?

It is at Chakri Interchange on M2-Motorway.

Q3. Who are the owners of this real estate project?

The developers are Quetta Shaheen Builder, developing this project in collaboration with Green Marketing.

Q4. Is this housing scheme affordable?

Yes! The payment plan is highly affordable

Q5. Is there is an option of an installment program?

Yes! There is a provision of an installment plan.

Q6. Does this housing society have legal status?

Soon the housing society will receive its legal status.

Q7. Is the location of this housing scheme accessible?

Yes! It is close to Islamabad International Airport, Rawalpindi Ring Road, and CPEC route.

Q8. Is this a worthy real estate investment?

The amenities and location of this real estate project make it’s a valuable investment.

Q9. Is there availability of commercial areas?

Yes! There is an option of commercial area.

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