motorway city executive block Islamabad

Motorway City Executive Block

Motorway City Executive Block

Motorway City Executive Block is a housing development near the New Islamabad International Airport that offers beautiful, quiet, and inexpensive accommodation for low-income military officers and their families. The Qazi Group of Companies has planned state-of-the-art facilities for this residential community, located in Zone 5 of Islamabad. The project encompasses 3300 acres of land and consists of commercial and residential plots of 5, 10, and 1 Kanal in size.

It has five stages. It includes a golf course, a specialized water reservoir (Dam), and a cemetery, providing residents with a pleasant living environment. The commercial section of Motorway City is a stunning location to spend time in since it has shopping malls and commercial spaces for future corporate operations in the federal capital.

Q Marketing, an authorized agency of the Qazi Group of Companies, is promoting the project. Q Marketing is a subsidiary of Qazi Group of Companies.


The Qazi Group has been involved in real estate development for many years. They want to complete the project following public expectations and to include the most up-to-date amenities. As a result, Projects like Qutbal, Razia Complex, Kohsar City & Family Apartments Murree, and Crown Classic Apartments are just a few of this company’s outstanding offerings.

Development Status

The developer has only recently begun construction on the project, which had previously been delayed due to the Covid -19 pandemic and then the monsoon season. So, work on the project is still ongoing at this time.

NOC Status

TMA has authorized the NOC. In addition, it has not yet approved by RDA. It is now being processed with the authorities (RDA), and approval will be given as soon as possible.

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Location Map

Motorway City Executive Block is located in Mouza Ratwal, Tehsil Fateh Jang, and District Attock in Punjab. The site is about ten kilometers from the new Islamabad International Airport and approximately thirty-five kilometers from Zero Point Islamabad. This site has acquired importance due to the significant expansion of the New Islamabad Airport and the construction of the CPEC route, which has drawn many investors and developers to benefit from the growing possibilities in the area.

Motorway City Executive Block location map

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Payment Plan

Various residential plot sizes are available in Motorway City Executive Block, with payments spread over five years. There are plot sizes ranging from 5 marla to 7 marla, 10 marla to 14 marla, and 1 kanal. Likewise, the Price for the reservation begins with a 5 percent down money, followed by 5 percent allocation and 5 percent confirmation fees, with the remainder of the amount distributed over 60 monthly payments.

Motorway City Executive Block payment plan

Master Plan

In the Executive Block, there are residential plots available in the following categories:

  • 5-Marla
  • 7-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 12-Marla
  • 10-Marla

Business sectors are emerging to suit contemporary society’s demands. Consequently, Among the numerous amenities included in the master plan are community centers, amusement parks, magnificent mosques, a golf club, and a swimming pool, among many other things.

master plan of Motorway City Executive Block

Executive Block Map

so, Be sure to check out the Executive Block map, which displays the relative locations of each plot size offered. Likewise, The allocation procedure will be automated, and only those who are approved will be able to continue with their payment plan. Additionally, Those who do not qualify for the ballot will get a refund of their down payment less any processing, membership, or registration costs that they paid. The second vote for plot numbers will be held once the first ballot has been completed in due order.

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Salient Features

People who wish to live in a high-quality environment in a green and peaceful setting can choose the executive block. As a result, the developer has designed unique amenities for the executive block by current housing requirements, as shown in the slogan “Affordable Modern Living.”

The following is a list of the essential features that will be included in Executive Block:

  • Wide Roads
  • Scenic Golf Club
  • Clear Blue Lake
  • Amusement Park
  • Modern Education Institutes
  • Modern Hospital and Labs
  • Gym and Health Club
  • Walking and Jogging Tracks
  • Parks and Swimming Pool
  • Water Sports (Boating, Yachting, Water Skiing, etc.)
  • Community Center for Recreational Activities
  • furthermore, A gated community with emergency response teams on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Features and facilities in Motorway City Executive Block

Clear Blue Lake

  • Outdoor activities with
  • Boating, Jet Skiing
  • Yachting, Parasailing
  • Water Skiing & Fishing

Access Points

  • 5 Minutes drive from New Islamabad International
  • Airport, 25 Miniutes drive
  • from zero point, Islamabad.

Security and Safety

  •  The modern city will provide you 100% Safe and Secure Environment with modern equipment.

Commercial Center

  • Prime location, near to CPEC
  • Everything is designed for the trade.

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Why Should I Invest in this society?

It is a lucrative investment opportunity. As a result, this well-planned housing complex has everything a person might need.

Environmentally friendly

Aside from that, developers have worked tirelessly to produce a clean and green atmosphere that is helpful to the surrounding ecosystem. Living in green communities like the Motorway city executive has many benefits, including improved health, happier residents, reduced energy bills, and cleaner air. While reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption is the goal, utilizing biodegradable and recyclable materials wherever feasible is also a project’s goal. When it comes to the creation of an ecologically aware community, green spaces are essential. Growing community gardens, trees, and parks allow people to reap the benefits of reduced CO2 emissions, more excellent fitness, and improved mental health due to more green space in their surroundings.

The Advantages of Investing in Real Estate

Investing in real estate has several benefits.For starters, it has the potential to provide a high rate of return on investment. Furthermore, It is critical to note that it will only be helpful if carried out properly on the first attempt at it. So, when investing in the real estate industry, one may anticipate various benefits.

Financial Security

if a person has an excess of money or an asset and wants to keep the value of that asset high while also ensuring that the investment’s worth does not depreciate, real estate is the sector that can do this while also ensuring that the investment’s value does not degrade.

Stable Income

In this way, investing in real estate can provide a person with a stable income stream very quickly. For example, one might acquire a plot of property and develop it or purchase a plot of land and rent it out monthly or yearly. Moreover, The rent is increased yearly. Aside from that, it is reasonable to assert that the situation is getting more stable than less stable.


It is not essential to maintain an investment in the same manner as nurturing a living thing after it has been finished. Consequently, the only thing you will have to worry about is checking on your property regularly to know that it does not fall into the wrong hands of encroachers.

Extensive roads

The roadways are visually attractive and modern, using cutting-edge technology and transportation. While On wide, well-maintained roads, one feels at peace and in tune with one’s surroundings. The presence of green belts around streets improves the overall aesthetics and pleasant look of the infrastructure—separate routes for walking, driving, and running benefit both cars and pedestrians.

Sewerage Systems

We are now facing some of the most severe challenges in our country’s drainage and sewage systems. Likewise, The sewage system of Motorway Executive Block is sophisticated and contemporary, preventing significant sewerage issues in the city. Additionally, The maintenance staff constantly upgrades and maintains the system to guarantee no problems arise.


It guarantees that its inhabitants have access to necessities such as electricity, clean water, and Sui gas, among other things, by working with local businesses. All of the properties in this development have a convenient connection to these facilities, which have been constructed intelligently. As a result of this project, the public will have access to safe and clean drinking water, as well as a dependable gas supply.

Safety and security

The security and safety of everyone engaged in this endeavor are the most important factors to consider. A sophisticated security system is in place to guarantee that people may live in a safe atmosphere free of terror. CCTV cameras have placed throughout the building to keep an eye on everything, necessitating the presence of security staff and a high-level alert system. Additionally, the verification process at the entrance point is very rigorous. Anybody who is not obliged to be there will not be allowed to enter the building or use the restroom.

Peaceful environment

This location is situated in a beautiful and peaceful environment, which ensures the well-being of everyone who comes to visit. Additionally, the rich green atmosphere, beautiful sceneries, and parks that the neighborhood provides are very beneficial to people who reside there.

Pros and Cons


  • 24/7 Water (Water treatment plant)
  • electricity
  • Gas
  • Schools
  • Planned Parks/Recreational Areas
  • Grocery/shopping Centre
  • Community centers
  • A peaceful and healthy environment
  • Gated community with security gates and trained security staff
  • Close to the central locations & other societies
  • Wide carpeted Roads & Passages
  • Properly planned drainage systems
  • Lush Green society


  • Perception of high plot prices
  • Some blocks still have to be developed


Motorway City Executive Block is designed for the people who desire greener, peaceful, and beautiful yet reasonably priced housing. In contrast, We are constructing the block with an eye on the modern lifestyle requirements in the future. The commercial block is designed as the state of the art., so, keeping all the aspects in mind. as a result, Do you Have more questions about Motorway City Executive? make sure to check out our website or directly connect us Estate land marketing.


Q1: Is it an approved and legal housing society?

Ans. Yes, The NOC is authorized by TMA,

Q2: Is it an affordable housing society?

Ans. Yes, while it has affordable prices.

Q3: Does this society has a potential high yield investment return?

Ans. Yes, since the payment schedules are attractive to families, small investors, especially those from modest backgrounds, want to make significant investments in large quantities.

Q4: What is the location of Motorway City Executive?

Ans. so It is a town in the Punjab province located in Mouza Ratwal, Tehsil Fateh Jang, and District Attock

Q5: Who are the developers of Motorway Executive?

Ans. The Qazi Group of Companies developed Motorway Executive.

Q6: What exactly is Motorway City’s Executive, and how does it differ from other housing developments in the area?

Ans. It was designed and built to provide excellent living at a reasonable cost. Additionally, Technical engineers, architects, and other experienced staff members have dedicated their time and resources to the project’s conceptualization and development, among other things.

Q7 What is meant by society in real estate?

ANS: Gas, Water, Parks, Hospital, Sewerage, not only-but also Linking Road Network, and Electricity, etc.

Q8 what is the feedback of the customers?

ANS: customers are delighted with the service.


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