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Mumtaz City

Mumtaz City

Mumtaz City, located beside Islamabad-Rawalpindi Motorway interchange and Pind Nasrala, is soon to receive the RDA approval. The building is being constructed by Mumtaz Builder and Chenab Builders. The developers took special care when designing this housing community for Pakistanis only. Residents in the community have access to all the modern amenities and facilities.

Owners & Developers

The project that brings together Mumtaz Construction Company (MCC) and Chenab Builders in Islamabad is known as Mumtaz City. A registered civil engineering company, MCC, has been in operation for over ten years, and has its head office in Islamabad’s sector I-10. For over thirty years, it has provided property management services. 100% satisfied customer has just finished a 28-journey journey that was highly successful.


The approval of Mumtaz City Islamabad’s No Objection Certificate (NOC) will soon be issued by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Society has still not been given a final seal of approval yet by the RDA, and it is anticipated that it will be given the seal of approval by the RDA in the near future.


Next to Islamabad-Rawalpindi Motorway interchange and Pind Nasrala, Mumtaz City is located in Islamabad. It is located at the intersection of Kashmir Highway and Islamabad, Pakistan. The facility is located next to the Islamabad Motorway Link Road, the Airport Link Road, the New Airport Road, and the Fateh Jang Road. In addition, an examination of the current market conditions shows that Mumtaz City’s location is suitable for both residence and investment. It is connected to other areas through M1 and M2, which link it to Peshawar and Lahore.

location map of mumtaz city

Accessibility to the Project

Supporting are the simple and fast easy access to Mumtaz City :

  • The M-1 Motorway is near this spot.
  • Very close to M-2 Highway
  • Beside N-80

Surrounding landmarks and places

Also visit these nearby locations to the city of Mumtaz, Islamabad:

  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Pind Nasrala
  • Dhok Waracha
  • Dhok Dhumman
  • Dhok Hameeda
  • Top City-1 Islamabad
  • University Town Islamabad
  • Islamabad International Airport

Master Plan

The city planners in Islamabad have assembled a talented team of architects to create the city plan for Mumtaz City. The Mumtaz City Master Plan breaks down the area into blocks. For commercial and residential use, it offers both. Plots of various sizes are available in multiple residential subgroups including 5, 7, 10, and 1 Kanal. It has spread over an area of approximately 3000 Kanals.

master plan of mumtaz city

Plots Price

In Mumtaz City, Islamabad, the prices of the different plots of land include the following:

Plot Sizes Plot Prices
5 Marla 31 Lacs – 36 Lacs
8 Marla 41 Lacs – 48 Lacs
10 Marla 53 Lacs – 61 Lacs
14 Marla 73 Lacs – 112 Lacs
1 Kanal 91 Lacs – 153 Lacs

Amenities and Facilities

All modern amenities and conveniences at affordable prices are included in the Mumtaz City Islamabad. A luxurious residential community such as this one is required in any modern society with a high standard of living. The developers have confined a large area for green spaces, such as parks, to be developed in the future. Along with all the modern conveniences and amenities, Mumtaz City, Islamabad, is considered the most lavish society.

As part of this goal, a vast land area is fully committed to the central theme park, where kids and older adults can relax and feel safe. In Mumtaz City, Islamabad, the facilities include the following:


A close-to-the-natural way of life with all the amenities is expected to be provided by society. Pakistan’s housing societies couldn’t provide the kind of unique experience that the natural environment will afford.

Grand Mosque

The developers will meet the inhabitants’ needs, and this will include spiritual requirements. To fund this, the development teams are constructing a grand Jamiah mosque with exquisite detail. The intelligent mosque will have all the latest and best technologies and architectural designs. For the advantage of the residents, the mosque would be centrally air-conditioned. Classes in the Quran are set up for children on a regular basis.

Water Resources

Residents’ water needs have been taken into consideration. This will serve as a water supply for the daily activities of the residents. To guarantee clean drinking water, The project will also use plant filters in society.


Graveyards are critical to any civilization. Since life and death are woven into the fabric of human existence, the people of the town may want to have their deceased relatives buried and petition God for their own eternal well-being. Additionally, individuals may attend the graves of relatives who reside within the group.

Community Center

A comfortable and welcoming community club offers services to meet the diverse needs of our inhabitants in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. The Community Club is perfect for hanging out with friends and working out because it is outfitted with a global class gym, tennis courts, event rooms, conference rooms, and dining rooms.


Master-planned communities rely heavily on a combination of primary and specialized health centers. Full-scale medical complexes, hospitals, and specialized healthcare units are also present in Mumtaz City. Still, these urban communities have also made provisions for neighborhood clinics in every block, which is helpful in the event of an emergency. They took into consideration the medical facilities in the community when developing the software. To help meet this need, the designers are making cutting-edge international clinics and hospitals a priority. The facility will be open all hours of the day and night. Medical personnel will be on hand, as well.

Fitness and Jogging Services

The project is a paradise for fitness-conscious individuals who prefer a healthy lifestyle, given its dense urban growth with a generous amount of green open spaces. Since the city is recognized for its well-maintained jogging paths and well-manicured parks, the city features upwards of one location with different levels of facilities.

Education Complex

To ensure that every citizen of the project has the chance to receive a quality international education. Teachers will also be well-educated and qualified in their fields of expertise to give their students the best possible education. Even though the residents of Mumtaz City in Islamabad have dedicated a large piece of land to the construction of a world-class education intricate, education is still very important to them.

Local Green Spaces

To encourage residents’ social and recreational events and environmental and pollution-free living, the parkland’s ample open green spaces, with various play areas, trails, artistically laid-out parks with light sources, and accommodations, are all meant for use.

Business & Commercial Hub

Everyone’s needs have been met, economic and commercial as well as personal. Therefore, the community will provide a commercial area that is inclusive of all elements. People living in these areas will be able to fulfill all of their commercial needs without having to go outside the community. The perfect spot for a busy day out is Commercial Boulevard, which has an elegant and aesthetic structure. Commercial Boulevard is the center of some of the most exclusive fashion and food establishments.

Secure Community

Gated community with a highly sophisticated security system that is installed on perimeter wall to check the attempt to trespass. Electromechanical gateways in which all entries & exits are logged automatically. The city is protected by paid security guards who patrol the gates and streets as well for additional protection and control surveillance. The entrance and exit gates of the community area are monitored constantly by 24/7 security cameras, and all of this is integrated into a state-of-the-art core surveillance room. A state-of-the-art fully integrated control room automatically triggers the arrival of rescue on an emergency call for any resident.

A Well-maintained Road Network

An extensive network of wide roads and streets is implemented within the project to facilitate hassle-free internal commutation. Traveling will be time-efficient and comfortable because there are planned high-speed arteries connecting various destinations in the city.

Electricity and Power

In order to provide our residents with an uninterrupted power supply, we will utilize a mix-use electricity flow from the power grid and impartial solar energy plants/units. It enhances the lives of residents of Mumtaz City by offering a complex power supply and round-the-clock inner maintenance service below the surface.

Salient Features

The most notable aspects of the Mumtaz City Islamabad are listed below:

  1. Affordability
  2. Beautiful entrance gate
  3. Grand Mosque
  4. Water Resources
  5. Eco-community
  6. Education Complex
  7. Accessibility
  8. Club House
  9. Retail Area
  10. 24/7 security
  11. Maintenance
  12. Boundary Wall
  13. Gated community
  14. Quality Advancement
  15. Water, Gas, Electricity
  16. Underground electrification
  17. Sanitation and wastewater facilities
  18. World-class building infrastructure
  19. Indoor and outdoor sports complex
  20. Hospitals, dispensaries, and clinics’ medical facilities

Guidelines For Purchasing/Sale of Plots

To assist you in your endeavors, the following guidelines are provided:

Document Verification

In order to avoid any confusion or miscommunication, always double-check all of the paperwork with complete satisfaction. Before purchasing or selling property, investigate the NOC & approval file carried out by the developer and deemed acceptable by the relevant authorities. You can rest assured knowing that your paperwork is valid no matter which of your customers’ satisfaction measures you apply.

Financial Security

Be sure that your funds and your purchasing strategy are in agreement before proceeding with any buying and selling of the property. So, you’ll be able to buy or sell with no hassle.

Residential Property Visits

Before any purchase, and to guarantee that the legal records are indeed under the plot requirements, examine the plot site first.

Requirement for booking documentation

Estateland encourages customers to inquire about the current document requirement when making an appointment. To invest in Mumtaz City, Islamabad, the following paperwork is required.

  • A set of two passport-sized photos
  • Your National Identity Card with two copies
  • Two duplicates of the ID card of the Next of Kin
  • NICOP for clients abroad

What’s in it for you?

Chenab Block, Indus Block, Ravi Block, and Executive Block make up Mumtaz City. Up to this point, Chenab Block has been the only region where ownership has been relinquished. This block is slated to see villas arrive at the Avalon Residencia.

Pak Associates’ Shiraz Manzoor claims that 800-square-foot villas, 1,250 square-foot villas, and 1,800 square-foot villas will be available as part of the project. It is anticipated that villa development will begin within the next few months. As real estate rates in Chenab Block increase, it will have significant value as an investment location in today’s market.

In Ravi Block, there is a lot of development work being done. Business and industrial properties will be available for acquisition in under four to five months. After a year or so, they will pass on one’s housing plots. For short-term investors, commercial & residential plots both should be considered.

The speed of development efforts in Indus & Executive Block is not outstanding, making us think that any money invested into these blocks will be beneficial only in the longer run. It is predicted that the Executive Block will boast 60-foot wide roads, and this will lead to the Executive Block surpassing the Indus Block in aspects of infrastructure advancement.

Residential & commercial plots are offered in Mumtaz City. The current market price of lots in the neighborhood is listed below.

Residential Property


Plot Type Price
25×50 Sqr. Ft. PKR 3,200,000 – PKR 3,600,000
30×50 Sqr. Ft. PKR 3,500,000 – PKR 4,200,000
30×60 Sqr. Ft. PKR 4,000,000 – PKR 5,000,000
50×90 Sqr. Ft. PKR 9,000,000 – PKR 15,000,000


The cost of a commercial site ranges from PKR 90,000 – 150,000 for each square yard.

Mumtaz City is currently accessible via the Fateh Jhang Route; however, if the entry road from Kashmir Highway complete, its connectivity will improve. Moreover, after the New Islamabad International Airport opening, property prices in the area will rise.

According to our observations, an entire project is an excellent option for short and the long investors. However, given the current state of development and other considerations, Ravi Block & Chenab Block are attractive possibilities for investors seeking high profits in a short amount of time.

Mumtaz City Islamabad Reservation Procedure

Our team at Estateland consistently advises our valued customers who question the most updated booking method from management to ensure there are no misunderstandings. The booking process is as straightforward as possible. You specifically need to follow the instructions outlined below:

  • Fill out your booking application form completely.
  • Copies of the applicant’s CNIC should be attached.
  • Pay a down payment in the form of a check or a money order payable to “Mumtaz City Islamabad,” but double-check the management procedure in case of any changes.
  • After management approval, cash transactions are also accepted.
  • Submit all required documents, make your payment, and receive your receipt.

Advantages and disadvantages

The below-mentioned are the advantages and disadvantages of Mumtaz City Islamabad:


  • Water is available at all times.
  • Electricity is available around the clock.
  • Gas is available around the clock.
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Recreational Areas and Theme Parks
  • Markets, Malls, Groceries stores, and Shopping Centers
  • An environment that is peaceful, healthy, and safe
  • Security gates, surveillance systems, CCTV cameras, and guards are all part of this gated neighborhood.
  • It’s close to the city’s center and other societies.
  • The carpeted main boulevard, highways, streets, lanes, and walkways for pedestrians are all large and well-planned.
  • Drainage and garbage disposal systems that are well-planned
  • Housing society that is green, inventive, and long-term
  • Security system
  • The mechanism for the disposal of solid waste


  • Impression of high plot rates


Mumtaz City Islamabad is an RDA-approved housing development that is being built with one goal in mind: to give inhabitants with world-class affluent living. The key characteristics of this society are its luxurious amenities, affordability, and location.

As a result, we at Estateland Marketing strongly believe that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to invest in this society. Feel free to read about Blue World City, Park View City, Blue Town Sapphire Lahore, Nova City, and Capital Smart City to learn more about such residential properties.


This society’s frequently asked questions (FAQs) are as follows:

Q1: How does Mumtaz City Islamabad differ from other housing societies?

Mumtaz City Islamabad is an Islamabad residential development project. A team of engineers, designers, and other employees have worked tirelessly to plan and create this residential utopia in the core of Islamabad, bringing decades of work expertise and skill to the project.

Q2: Is it a legitimate and licensed housing society?

Ans. Yes, the Rawalpindi Development Authority is about to accept Mumtaz City Islamabad’s NOC.

Q3: Is it a society with affordable housing?

Ans. Yes, due to the simple Mumtaz City Islamabad installment plans, there is no doubt. The management has been instrumental in achieving the right combination of elegance and affordability. No other community could possibly provide such world-class services at such low prices, but Mumtaz City Islamabad does. Mumtaz City Islamabad offers the most affordable rates in Islamabad.

Q4: Is there a high-yield investment opportunity in our society?

Ans. Yes, small investors are willing to invest in significant numbers, even if they come from a low background, because the installment plans are reasonable for families. Consequently, the likelihood of high-yield investment gains increases.

Q5: Where is Mumtaz City located in Islamabad?

Mumtaz City Islamabad lies near the Islamabad-Rawalpindi highway interchange.

Q6: Who are the Mumtaz City Islamabad developers?

Mumtaz Construction Company and Chenab Builders are creating Mumtaz City Islamabad.

Q7: What is the phone number for Mumtaz City Islamabad?

Ans. Mumtaz City Islamabad’s phone number is 051-2729902-6.

Q8. What is the address of Mumtaz City in Islamabad?

Mumtaz City Islamabad’s address is “Mumtaz City, Kashmir Highway, Near New Islamabad International Airport, Islamabad.”

Q9. Is there a website for Mumtaz City Islamabad?

Ans. Yes, Mumtaz City Islamabad has a website at


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