New Peshawar Valley Project: Land-sharing notification letters

New Peshawar Valley Project: Land-sharing notification letters

News sources said that on Monday, August 15, the Peshawar Development Authority’s Board of Directors (BoD) decided to send Letters of Intimation (LOI) to landowners in the area where the New Peshawar Valley Project would be built. The LOI will be given to the owners based on the new plan for land sharing that was made by the authority and approved by the provincial cabinet.

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According to reports, the decision was made at the 9th Board of Directors meeting of the civic body. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Chief Minister (CM) Mehmood Khan was in charge of the meeting. At the time, CM Mehmood asked the members of the authority and the development team to finish building the New Peshawar Valley Project’s ongoing development projects. He said that the project is very important to the people and is meant to give the people a modern way to live. The following decisions were made at the meeting:

Under the direction of the Minister of Finance, the board set up a committee to make changes to the Peshawar Development Authority’s Auction Regulations 2021. The proposal from that committee will be sent to the board for final approval.
The board agreed to make 22 contract workers who had been hired under the “deceased son” quota full-time employees.
The Board of Directors (BoD) has also approved the New Peshawar Valley Housing Scheme’s land record Management Information System (MIS), which will digitise all of the housing scheme’s land records.
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At this time, the chief minister told the right people to build a road to the New Peshawar Valley as quickly as possible. He also told the relevant departments to work hard to solve the problems in Regi Model Town’s Zones I, II, and V as soon as possible.

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