NHA updates contract award prequalification criterion

NHA updates contract award prequalification criterion

News sources said that the National Highway Authority (NHA) changed the pre-qualification criteria for companies that want to get contracts on Thursday, July 7. In addition, the authority changed the ratio between technical skills and financial skills from 70% to 30% to 80% to 20%.

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At the 400th meeting of the National Highway Authority’s Executive Board, led by NHA Chairman Capt (Retd) Muhammad Khurram Agha, it was decided to change the pre-qualification criterion. Based on what was agreed at the meeting, companies that want to bid on the NHA contract must now meet the following requirements:

Contractors will now have to give bank guarantees instead of insurance guarantees.
To figure out capacity, NHA will physically check the availability of machinery, equipment, and technical staff at all participating businesses.
Third-party ground validation will be done to make sure the quality of the work.

It was also said that the NHA will ensure that all steps are taken immediately so that all projects can be finished on time.

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