Personalised economic uplift strategy for NMDs

PESHAWAR: A strong monitoring mechanism is going to be put in place to guarantee the prompt completion and high-quality execution of development projects in the recently united tribal districts of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. The special steering group for the newly combined districts convened at a high level and decided on this choice.

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Dr. Aamer Abdullah, the Caretaker Minister for Newly Merged Districts affairs, Industries, Commerce, and Technical Education, presided over the Tuesday meeting, which was held at the Civil Secretariat in Peshawar.

The proposed economic development plan designed especially for the combined districts was the main topic of discussion during the meeting, along with the distribution of funding for ongoing development initiatives.
Syed Imtiaz Hussain Shah, the Additional Chief Secretary for Planning and Development, as well as members of other pertinent agencies, 11 Corps officials, and provincial department officers made up the committee.


The proposed economic development plan for the amalgamated districts was presented by the Additional Chief Secretary for Planning and Development during the conference. She emphasized the plan’s importance and goals for guaranteeing sustainable growth for these areas.

The conference also covered the funding status and distribution for various Annual Development Program (ADP) projects and programs under the government’s special development package, the Accelerated Implementation Program (AIP), which was implemented for the combined districts. One of the main topics of discussion was how to prioritize the disbursement of cash for these projects.

In this instance, the minister issued an order giving priority to completed projects and those that support the goals of the suggested plan when allocating funding. He pushed the line departments to submit detailed reports on the financial standing and physical advancement of their development projects, going so far as to mandate that the Planning and Development system be updated with information on project phases that follow PC1.


The minister urged agencies to carry out on-site visits and submit thorough evaluation reports, underscoring the need to establish appropriate monitoring mechanisms for these development initiatives and to further emphasize the commitment to transparency and accountability.

The minister gave all departments a strict deadline: they had to finish reporting on their important initiatives in a week. In addition, he stressed the importance of including fresh, feasible projects in addition to authorized and continuing ones.

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