PIA Enclave housing society

PIA Enclave

PIA Enclave

PIA Enclave is a residential development dedicated to PIA employees. It is also known as the PIA Employees Welfare Trust.  Because of its closeness to the New Islamabad International Airport are a popular destination for aviation workers, local people, and visitors from other parts of the world.

People who live at PIA Enclave have the opportunity to enjoy the convenience, luxury, and serenity of a lifestyle that first-class facilities further enhance. It has been meticulously prepared, with particular attention paid to current market developments. It will be one of Rawalpindi’s Ariel centre’s most inexpensive residential options because of its well-thought-out design, strategic location, and reasonable pricing.

Furthermore, this society also aspires to offer all necessary facilities and amenities to its inhabitants on a timetable that has been established in advance. Above all, it is providing exceptional discounts to current and former PIA personnel.


The PIA Employees Welfare Trust is the organization behind the development of PIA Enclave. Furthermore, at this moment, there isn’t much information accessible about the developer.

Development Status

The process of development is in its early phases. At the moment, the ground is being levelled out. Officials have said that they are mainly waiting for the permission of the NOC to proceed. In this case, the formal launching ceremony will take place immediately after approval. Furthermore, they developed a marketing strategy across a variety of mediums.

NOC Status

The RDA has not approved the PIA’s NOC. According to the RDA’s official website, it is currently in the process of being completed. TMA Fateh Jang, on the other hand, has given them his approval.

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Location Map

The PIA Enclave Islamabad is just 4.5 km from the New Islamabad Airport. It is about 3 kilometres away from the CPEC interchange. Through the planned Rawalpindi Ring Road and the Motorway, which will pass through the CPEC Interchange and the Chakri Interchange, it would be easily accessible.

In addition, the planned Ring Road Rawalpindi, which is also a convenient option. Furthermore, it is accessible directly from the Chakri Interchange as well as the Motorway. Most significantly, it is located near the CPEC interchange, which is just 3 kilometres away.

PIA Enclave location map

Nearby Landmark

  • Better Road Network
  • CCTV Surveillance and 24/7 Security
  • School, College, and Public Library
  • Sector Dedicated for Hospital and Health Clinics
  • Clean and Green Environment
  • Parks, Play Grounds and Sports Complex

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Payment Plan

Employees of the PIA can take advantage of a special discount on plots in this dedicated housing project. Only a few 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots are available in the residential category, with a three-year installment plan in the Price Plan. Bookings may be made with a 20 percent down payment. The following are the specifics of the payment plan.

It has six residential blocks A, B, C, D, E, and F. In each block; there are five marla, ten marlas, and 1 Kanal plot. This plan is preliminary and may change in the future due to schedule or project growth changes.

Following Is the Payment Schedule of PIA Housing Society:

PIA Enclave Plot Pricecs and development charges


Following Is the Payment Schedule only for employees of Pia Enclave :

Payment Schedule only for employees of Pia Enclave

Master Plan

The Master Plan is designated as Block A, Block B, Block C, Block D, Block E, and Block F. There are several plot sizes accessible in each block, including 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal, among others.

The development of this unique residential project is anticipated to bring about further improvements soon. However, there is no accurate information accessible regarding the land area that the community has hidden. The following is a diagram of the society to assist you in better understanding its structure.

Master Plan of PIA Enclave housing society

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Why Should I Invest in society?

Investment in the Pia enclave is a profitable opportunity that offers a high rate of return on investment. As a consequence, this well-planned housing complex has everything a person might need. Plot prices will be revised in a few days, so hurry up and invest in PIA-Enclave Islamabad.

Environmentally Friendly

developers have been working tirelessly to create a clean and green environment that benefits the surrounding environment and its inhabitants. Choosing to live in green communities, such as the Pia-enclave, has numerous benefits, including improved health and well-being, increased morale among residents, lower energy costs, and cleaner air. It is one of these types of communities. While lowering carbon emissions and fuel consumption are the project’s primary objectives, using biodegradable and recyclable materials whenever possible is also a priority. Green spaces are critical when it comes to the development of a community that is environmentally conscious.

Healthy and Happy Lifestyle

developers have demonstrated a solid commitment to the health and well-being of the residents of the lodging community as they work on the construction of clinics and hospitals. The hospital’s emergency department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide emergency services to the general public.

Advantages of Investing in Real Estate

There are numerous advantages to making a real estate investment. To name a few benefits, it has the potential to generate a high rate of return on investment. It is critical to remember that it will only be beneficial if completed correctly on the first attempt. As a result, when investing in the real estate industry, one can expect to reap several benefits. This product provides the following benefits, which are some of the most significant advantages of using it.

Confidence in a financial situation

A person who has an excess of money or an asset and wants to keep the value of that high asset while at the same time ensuring that the investment’s worth does not depreciate should consider investing in real estate. The only sector can accomplish this while also ensuring that the investment’s value does not decline.

source of income

A person can generate a consistent income stream through real estate investment can be realized relatively quickly. Consider the following scenarios. One might purchase a plot of land and develop it or purchase a plot of land and rent it out monthly or annually. It is reasonable to assert that the situation is becoming more stable than more unstable due to this development.


Maintaining investment in the same way that you would hold a living thing after it has been completed is not required in most cases. Only you have to be concerned about one thing. Keep an eye on your property regularly to ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands of encroaching parties.

Profits from a Passive Income

Upon making a real estate investment, a person may be able to generate passive income through the rental of the property. An investor might purchase an already-constructed building or a plot of land and then rent it out, ensuring that they receive a consistent income stream throughout the year with no interruption in business operations.

Secure Community

A gated community is safer than a typical neighbourhood. Residents are secured by a security system that comprises CCTV cameras and other 24/7 monitoring devices.

Supply of Electricity, Water, And Gas

The PIA-Enclave will have 24/7 underground power utilities. However, due to load shedding issues in the main cities, the people of Rawalpindi are looking for nearby housing communities.


it is designed to offer basic amenities for modern communities. The significant amenities offered by developers include.

  • Parks
  • Better & Clear Roads with Green Belts
  • 24/7 surveillance from CCTV Camera
  • Advance Sewerage System
  • Educational Institutes
  • Sports Grounds and Complex
  • Scenic Beauty with a Green and clean environment
  • Sector dedicated hospitals and health centres


it has some features are the following:

  • State of the art modern planning
  • Wide roads with green belts
  • Modern sewerage system
  • High security
  • Masjid
  • Parks
  • Play areas
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Community Center for Recreational Activities
  • furthermore, A gated community with emergency response teams on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Pros and Cons


  • Schools \ Colleges
  • 24/7Gas
  • 24/7-water
  • 24/7Electricity
  • Security cameras and armed guards
  • Amenities such as amusement parks and recreational areas
  • A peaceful, healthy, and secure atmosphere
  • Grocery stores, shopping centres, markets, and shopping malls
  • in addition, a solid waste disposal system is provided.
  • near to the city’s key sites as well as other organizations
  • Carefully considered drainage and waste disposal systems
  • A green and environmentally friendly housing society
  • in addition, a Police Station to maintain peace and order
  • Walkable roads, streets, lanes, and walking paths carpeted the main boulevard, expansive and well-planned.


  • The impression of high plot prices, as well as the reality that some blocks have not yet been constructed
  • The pia-enclave has stringent rules, and severe limitations may deter some investors from locating their businesses there and investing.


it is a housing development with a modern and creative approach, where you may enjoy comfort, luxury, and a quiet life while being protected by world-class security services. We have created a space where you may treasure your aspirations at a reasonable cost with our efforts. We provide excellent value to our customers because of our experience, quality, and variety of services. People who live at PIA-Enclave have the opportunity to enjoy the convenience, luxury, and serenity of a lifestyle that first-class facilities further enhance. It will be one of the most inexpensive residential options in Rawalpindi’s Ariel center. If you have any queries regarding the Pia enclave? be sure to check out our website or directly contact us Estate land marketing.


Q1: Is it an approved and legal housing society?

Ans. The RDA has not approved the Pia-Enclave Noc. The RDA’S official website says it’s almost done. TMA Fateh Jang, on the other hand, approves.

Q2: Is it an affordable housing society?

Ans. Yes, while it has affordable prices.

Q3: Does this society has a potential high yield investment return?

Ans. Yes, because the payment schedules appeal to families, small investors, particularly those from humble origins, are interested in making substantial investments in enormous numbers.

Q4: What is the location of the Pia enclave?

Ans. So, The PIA-Enclave Islamabad is just 4.5 km from the New Islamabad Airport. It is about 3 kilometres away from the CPEC interchange.

Q5: Who are the developers of the Pia-enclave?

Ans. The PIA Employees Welfare Trust is the organization behind the development of PIA-Enclave

Q6: What exactly is the Pia-enclave, and how does it differ from other housing developments in the area?

Ans. So, it has designed and built to offer great living at a fair price. Engineers, architects, and other experts have devoted time and resources to the project’s conception and development.

Q7: How can I buy a plot?

Ans. In case, If you have any questions regarding this society, contact us at 0331 1110234.

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