Planning is Underway to Convert Pindi into Business Hub

Planning is Underway to Convert Pindi into Business Hub

Rawalpindi: Initiatives to transform Rawalpindi into a commercial hub have been initiated, as the commissioner has directed the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) to locate an appropriate site within fifteen days.

Liaquat Chatha, the commissioner of Rawalpindi, oversaw the construction of a Business Facilitation Centre on RDA-owned land. The center aims to foster a more favorable business climate for Rawalpindi’s development partners and the community.

In attendance were Saqib Rafique, president of the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce (RCCI), Owais Manzoor Tarar, additional director general of the RDA, Muhammad Anwar Baran, chief engineer of the RDA, and several other officials.

According to him, the purpose is to demonstrate the country’s economic prowess internationally.

Soon, a business facilitation center will be established to consolidate the services of multiple departments under one structure to streamline business processes.

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To facilitate the progress of the city’s commercial activities, this center will be staffed with departmental representatives who will be accessible to aid investors in obtaining the required permits.

To streamline the approval process for commercial and industrial construction, the commissioner imposed a strict deadline of 30 days.

The commissioner of Rawalpindi observed that the authority had garnered a cumulative investment of Rs56.47 billion via two substantial auctions in the first year of its existence. Liaquat Chatha emphasized the commitment of the Punjab CBD to environmentally sustainable urban economic development by implementing vertical infrastructure principles.

The Punjab CBD intends to expand economic activities to encompass Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, and Multan to attract investments and substantially contribute to the nation’s development.

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