PM Imran directs PTI MNAs to prioritize Karachi's development

PM Imran directs PTI MNAs to prioritize Karachi’s development

PM Imran directs PTI MNAs to prioritize Karachi’s development. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan invited some Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Members of Parliament from Karachi to make their best efforts to develop in their respective seats while developing a comprehensive strategy spanning every town and district in the province.

The top directives came during a meeting in Islamabad with a delegation of Karachi legislators led by Maritime Affairs Minister Syed Ali Zaidi, who updated the Prime Minister on the status of the Karachi development package and discussed their future strategy for the city in particular and the province in general.

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Faheem Khan, retired Captain Jameel Ahmed Khan, Saifur Rehman, Muhammad Alamgir Khan, Attaullah, and Aftab Jehangir were Karachi MNAs.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan met with members of the National Assembly on Wednesday and addressed the ongoing legislative process in parliament, the country’s political situation, and ongoing development projects in various constituencies,” a brief statement published following the meeting stated.

Minister Zaidi later stated that the Prime Minister was convinced that his party’s MNAs should focus on constituency development despite a lack of legal authority and funding.

The PTI MPs expressed their unhappiness with the performance of the Pakistan Peoples Party administration in Sindh, he said, adding that despite their efforts, the provincial government’s failure was a significant factor in the province’s growing sense of deprivation. PM Imran directs PTI MNAs to prioritize Karachi’s development

“We discussed several measures for Sindh in detail,” the federal minister told Dawn. “The PTI has a very solid strategy for Sindh, and I can assure you that we will be visible in every district of the province in keeping with the Prime Minister’s vision for a wealthy and improved Sindh, where people are now denied basic rights and development.”

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