PM Imran opens Skardu International Airport and the Jaglot-Skardu road

PM Imran opens Skardu International Airport and the Jaglot-Skardu road

PM Imran opens Skardu International Airport and the Jaglot-Skardu road during a day-long visit. He opened the Skardu International Airport and a road on Thursday during a visit to the region that lasted a little over a day.

The airport in Skardu used only to be used for domestic flights. However, on December 2, it became even more important because it also began to accept international flights.

Prime Minister: When he spoke to a large crowd at Municipal Stadium Skardu, he said that turning the stadium into an international airport would make many changes for the people who live there.

Britain has the “most beautiful mountain scenery in the world,” but people don’t know enough about it because it’s hard to get there.

He said that after the airport and the road were upgraded, many tourists, both from Pakistan and from other countries, would come.

A big part of Pakistan’s wealth could come from tourism, said the man. If Switzerland could make $70 billion from tourism, then Pakistan could make a lot of money from tourism all year long. In Great Britain alone, he said, “We can make at least $30 to $40 billion from tourism.”

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The prime minister also talked about religious tourism and the untapped potential of a long stretch of the coast. “We haven’t taken advantage of the good things that God has given us,” he said.

That’s what he said, and he said the locals would benefit most from the rise in tourism because they no longer had to go far to find jobs. To find work, people would come to their area.

The prime minister said that no country could grow until it lifts its poor and improves its backward and neglected areas.

When our five years are done, I hope that the lives of those who live below the poverty line will be better.

When the Prime Minister was in Skardu, the PM’s office said that he also planned to preside over meetings on multiple development projects and review the one-year performance of the government in his region, Gilgit and Baltistan.

People who work for the National Highway Authority say that the road is a gift from the democratic government to the people who live there. “The main strategic road” that connects GB with the Karakoram Highway at Jaglot is a 167-mile road, he said.

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