PMU was established to execute the 'Gandhara Valley City' project

PMU was established to execute the ‘Gandhara Valley City’ project

PMU was established to execute the ‘Gandhara Valley City’ project. (CM) Mahmood Khan has been notified that a Project Management Unit (PMU) has been established to oversee the execution of the Gandhara Valley City project.

CM Khan presided over a high-level meeting during which guests were educated about various facets of the massive project. While the discussion, it was revealed that the master design for the Gandhara City project would be completed in six months, and construction would begin shortly after that. Additionally, it was claimed that the project manager’s recruitment process would begin shortly.

According to the information given, the land acquisition for the Gandhara city project was advertised using the land-sharing formula. A consultant was also employed to oversee the scheme’s master planning. Sharing additional data regarding the Gandhara city project, it was noted that the anticipated development is taking place on approximately 100,000 kanals of land near the Nowshera-Peshawar border. The project will include state-of-the-art recreational, medical, educational, and commercial facilities.

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Additionally, the projected city will have a Media Enclave with 1,132 kanals of land for Peshawar’s journalists.

CM Khan presided over a high-level conference during which attendees were informed about the project’s different components. During the conversation, it was announced that the Gandhara City master design will be completed in six months and building would begin shortly thereafter. Additionally, it was said that the recruitment process for the project manager will begin shortly.

They educated the visitors about the several types of plots available in Gandhara Valley City and that the Peshawar Development Authority’s board has established formula according to which:

  • 2% of the residential area would be made up of four-kanal plots.
  • 4% will be 2 Kanal plots.
  • 16% of plots of 5 Marla
  • 17% of the 7 Marla plots
  • 30% of plots of 10 Marla
  • 30% of plots with a single lane

PMU was established to execute the ‘Gandhara Valley City’ project.

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