F-9 Park deserted restaurant will be turned into a museum

F-9 Park deserted restaurant will be turned into a museum

F-9 Park deserted restaurant will be turned into a museum. Seeing the dilapidated state of a structure designated for a restaurant in F-9 Park, the Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) administration decided to transform it into a museum.

Additionally, the administration expressed concern with the carpeting of roads in F-11 and G-9.

Additionally, MCI has been asked to refurbish a gym located between F-11 and G-11.

Though Saturday was a non-working day for the civic body, CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed spent the entire day touring various city regions and making several decisions. Civic agency officers escorted him.

Although F-9 Park appeared to be in fine condition, there was a hall in the park that was not.

Amer Ali Ahmed told Dawn that the building, which spans approximately 3,000 square feet, was earmarked for a restaurant.

“However, the city has a mixed record when it comes to restaurants in parks. As a result, we’ve chosen to transform it into a history museum, complete with images, videos, and other artefacts relevant to the city.

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“The objective is to educate people about Islamabad’s origins and development; we hope the museum will draw a huge number of visitors, particularly tourists,” he explained.

Mr Ahmed also visited a park in the process of being constructed between F-11 and G-11 and directed that all outstanding work be completed within two days, warning that would take stern action against police who disobeyed the instruction.

“Because it is part of our culture to go for a walk after sunset, I have requested that lights be erected in the park. There are also sidewalks and a cycling track in the park,” he explained, adding that he also visited an MCI-run gym in G-11 and expressed his dissatisfaction with the facility’s state of hygiene.

According to an official release, Amer Ali Ahmed also viewed construction activities in several regions of the city and requested that work on carpeting roadways be expedited.

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