Pre-launch registration for Gulberg 7 opened by LCBDDA

Pre-launch registration for Gulberg 7 opened by LCBDDA

Pre-launch registration for Gulberg 7 opened by LCBDDA. Pre-launch registration for Gulberg 7 commercial plots has been opened by The Lahore Central Business District Development Authority (LCBDDA) Gulberg, near Kalma Chowk, announced the second auction of seven premium mixed-use commercial plots in various sizes on Main Boulevard. Interested parties were invited to a registration ceremony, which took place at the Gulberg 7 office of the authority.

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In addition, the plots that are being sold off in the second auction by the LCBDDA are part of Lahore’s recently announced ‘first Downtown of the city,’ which is being provided on a 5-year payment plan. Plots are being offered on a restricted basis, which will allow businesses in Lahore to expand their operations. It will aid in the promotion of the trend toward vertical development.

The application forms for plots in Downtown Lahore invite prospective investors to select the size of the plots that most appeal to them from a list of available options. The candidates would have to disclose the names of their registered companies, as well as the city where they are located and the type of business they are engaged in.

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Mr. Hasan Khawar, Special Assistant to the Chief Minister (SACM) for Punjab, was also denied access to the master plan. An structured downtown area, a digital and residential city are all part of the master plan, which was unveiled in 2008. He also mentioned that the project will incorporate advanced municipal amenities such as blue highways, pedestrian facilities, smart trees, and an underground traffic system. It also encompasses the provision of uninterrupted power and the Internet of Things (IoT). The CBD program is expected to produce up to PKR 2.5 trillion in economic activity, according to government estimates. LCBDDA.

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