Property management rules amendment by Lahore Development Authority

Property management rules amendment by Lahore Development Authority

LDA wants board approval to amend property management rules. The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has made changes to the Management of Properties of the Lahore Development Authority Regulations, 2021. Changes will be made at a future meeting of the LDA board.

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According to news sources, the updated draught has changed the rules for buying and managing land for the state society. There are a few highlights of the new draught. Section 5 of the Management and Transfer of Properties by Development Authority Act-2014 (the Act) allows joint ventures to manage development authority property. Section 20 of the Act allows the government to make rules to make sure the Act’s goals are met, and Section 21 allows an Authority to make rules.

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Section 4 of the regulations says that a committee will be set up to deal with joint venture issues and to do any joint venture tasks that the DG wants it to do. This committee will be called the Joint Venture Committee.

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The following people will be on the committee, and they will be:

Additional Director of the General (Housing)
The chief planner for the city
The Chief Town Planner (Housing-X)
The Chief Engineer-I Director (C&I) and the Director of Finance Officer (DFO) will be chosen by the DG, and they will be named by the DG.
Section 7 says that a joint venture agreement can include all information that is relevant to the joint venture. It will be looked over by the Director of Law (High Court and Supreme Court).

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