Punjab CM visits Ningxia to boost development cooperation

Punjab CM visits Ningxia to boost development cooperation

According to September 20 news reports from Islamabad, the Punjab Chief Minister (CM) paid a diplomatic visit to Yinchuan to strengthen ties between Punjab and Ningxia in a variety of development sectors.

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The details elucidate further that official meetings between CM Naqvi and Secretary Liang focused on the development of Ningxia. Both sides emphasized the implementation of streamlined single-window operations in an effort to increase administrative efficacy.

The discussion regarding the establishment of sister city relationships between Sahiwal and Bahawalpur in Punjab and Wuzheng and Zhang Wei in Ningxia was one of the most notable outcomes of the visit. This initiative seeks to strengthen cultural ties and promote people-to-people exchanges between the two regions in order to cultivate a stronger sense of connection and cooperation.

During the visit, Secretary Liang was also invited to visit Punjab, signifying an important step in revitalizing a 17-year-old sister province agreement between Ningxia and Punjab. This commitment to renewing historic alliances demonstrates the enduring affinity and mutual regard between the two regions.

In addition, they investigated opportunities for collaboration in a number of important industries, such as meat production, dairy development, information technology, and drip irrigation systems. These exchanges of knowledge have the potential to significantly advance the economic and technological landscape of Punjab.

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