Punjab's PDWP forum accepts eleven development projects

Punjab’s PDWP forum accepts eleven development projects

Punjab’s PDWP forum accepts eleven development projects. The Punjab Provincial Development Working Party authorized eleven development initiatives totalling Rs. 11,725.31 million in cost.

They accepted the initiatives during the fiscal year 2021-22 meeting of the Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP), presided over by Chairman Planning and Development Board Abdullah Khan Sumbal.

The approved development schemes included the enhancement of 75 IPNV sites in Lahore at the cost of Rs. 495.300 million, the widening/improvement of the road connecting Fateh Jang to Pindi gheb via Dhulian (Section –II Khour km 42.00 to Pindigheb km 64.00 Length = 22.00 Km and the I/C Link Road connecting Dhulian Chowk to Dhoke Pathan at a Tehsil Fateh Jang District Attock Total Length = 32.00 Km (Km 57.25 to Pindi gheb City Km 64.00) Widening / Improvement of Road from Fateh Jang to Pindi gheb via Dhullian, Length = 42.00 Km Tehsil Fateh Jang District Attock, Length = 6.75 km at the cost of Rs. 474.906 million (Dhoke Sayedan C-PEC Interchange Kilometer 4.30 to Kilometer 13.55 Length = 9.25 Km) at the cost of Rs. 524.384 million.

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At the cost of Rs. 1,019.821 million, the Service More Flyover would connect Industrial Area-II Gujrat Link Road District Gujrat. Construction of PTS in Dera Ghazi Khan at the cost of Rs. 522.050 million, Flood Carrying Channel Hill Torrent Crossing at RD:123+000 of Dajal Branch at the cost of Rs. 741.531 million, Establishment of Emergency and OPD Block Teaching Hospital in Dera Ghazi Khan at the cost of Rs. 3,936.825 million, Dualization of Teen Meela to Haji Shah Road L=9.30 Km, Attock for Rs. 906.693 million, Re-Construction / Widening of Road from Kot Harra to Jalalpur Bhattian, Length 41.10 kilometres, District Hafizabad at the cost of Rs. 1,810.469 million, Construction / Rehabilitation of metalled road from Dajal to Harrand, Length 23.00 kilometres, District Rajanpur for Rs. 543.331 million. Mian Channu City Bypass from 15l Pull (GT Road to Karamat Morr) (Connecting the New Grain Market) Tehsil Mian Channu, Length 16.45 Km, District Khanewal for Rs. 750.000 million.

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