Railways increase security in response to a terrorist uptick

Railways increase security in response to a terrorist uptick

Railways increase security in response to a terrorist uptick. In response to a rise in terrorism, the Pakistan Railways has tightened security in Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Sukkur, Quetta, Peshawar, and Multan on the orders of CEO Farrukh Teymour.

All stations, trains, buildings, washing lines, and sick lines have been made safer, and a control room has been set up to keep a sight on everything. At the entrances and exits of all of the train stations, police officers and office workers, both men and women, have been put in place.

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Irfan Ashraf, who is in charge of the Lahore Railways Police Station House Officer (SHO), has shut down all the illegal paths around the train stations. Now, people can only get into the stations after going through walk-through gates and metal detectors.

Sources say that on the CEO’s orders, female police officers have been sent to the platforms to check the belongings of women, children, and the elderly.

The government has also started using CCTV cameras on platforms and around stations to keep an eye on unattended items and suspicious people. The people in the control room will tell the police on duty about anything that seems odd.

Sources said that police commandos will also walk through the trains to keep people safe.

The government has also decided that only passengers will be allowed inside the station.

CEO Teymour said, “Safe and comfortable travel is one of the department’s top priorities, and the Railways Police has been told to make strict security arrangements for that purpose.”

He said that police commandos would watch over the platforms and trains in case anything bad happened. He also told them to watch out for people who seemed odd.

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