Rawalpindi bans construction of schools and hospitals on major highways

Rawalpindi bans construction of schools and hospitals on major highways

Rawalpindi bans the construction of schools and hospitals on major highways. Divisional Commissioner Syed Gulzar Hussain Shah banned the approval of educational institutions and health facilities on major roadways on Thursday, citing the need to avoid traffic congestion and accidents.

“No new approvals should be granted for schools, colleges, or hospitals along the main road. All schools and hospitals must have four road-cross assistants,” he stated, and directed the deputy commissioners of Rawalpindi Division’s four districts, including Rawalpindi, Attock, Chakwal, and Jhelum, to ensure that assistant commissioners of the division participate in traffic awareness campaigns in their districts.

Schools housed in rented buildings should promptly relocate, change orders should be issued, and the condition of an assistance on the road will apply to hospitals as well, he said.

The commissioner was co-chairing a meeting with Regional Police Officer Ashfaq Ahmed to discuss improving the Rawalpindi Division’s traffic system and current circumstances.

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Saif Anwar Jappa, Additional Commissioner (Coordination), Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Ali, a city police officer, the secretary of the Regional Transport Authority, the director of excise, the deputy director of information, and traffic police officials attended the meeting.

The conference was convened following the chief secretary of Punjab expressing worry about the recent deaths of four youngsters in a road accident in Bahawalpur.

He issued severe instructions to strengthen the province’s traffic system in all 36 districts in order to prevent a repeat of this unfortunate catastrophe.

He advised commissioners that all schools located on major thoroughfares should have their four road-crossing assistants on hand to assist students in crossing the road.

In partnership with the district administration, a public awareness campaign on road safety will be conducted, during which members of Rescue 1122, the motor vehicle examiner, assistant commissioners, and district commissioners will visit schools and colleges to deliver lectures.

The commissioner stated that a traffic audit should be conducted by a team comprised of traffic police, Rescue 1122, and highway officials.

Mr Shah stated that all dark spots on the road should be identified and the services of a traffic sergeant should be sought in this regard. “At least two drivers should be kept on long route buses, and strict action should be taken against workshops where trolleys are installed in front of moon vehicles to prevent their manufacture, which causes accidents and endangers the lives and property of the public.”

RPO Ahmed stated that every year, between 18 and 20,000 individuals become crippled as a result of traffic accidents, a figure that is larger than the number of fatalities.

One should wear seat belts while driving and helmets while riding a motorbike might help prevent accidents, he said, adding that it was critical to raise awareness about road safety education, enforcement, and the environment.

He also emphasized the critical nature of road safety audits.

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