Punjab's Environment Dept gets buildings in 5 divisional headquarters

RDA initiates Peri-Urban Structure Plan outreach campaign

Rawalpindi: On January 12, news sources said that the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) had started a public awareness campaign for the peri-urban structure plan and side development zone.

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In this case, the Tehsil Office of Gujjar Khan held a meeting where it was decided to tell the people about the upcoming infrastructure projects and how the plan will change how the government runs and how the land is used. During the meeting, project consultant Mott Macdonald Pakistan (MMP) Company explained their ideas for the peri-urban structure plan and side development zone. The people at the meeting were told about the new city limits and the rules that will govern them for the next 25 years. The plan says that the areas around the city will be split into three zones:

Green Zone Industrial Zone (for all small and large industries)
Residential Zone (for the general infrastructure development)

The director asked that the peri-urban structure plan and the side development zone be shared with the people in charge of running the school in the district. He also said similar meetings to raise awareness would be held in the district’s other tehsils.

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