10 Reasons to Invest in Discovery Gardens Islamabad in 2021

Reasons to Invest in Discovery Gardens

10 Reasons to Invest in Discovery Gardens

The Falaknaz Group & Pakistan Builders and Developers Association are working together to create Discovery Gardens Islamabad, a 15000 Kanal housing plan authorized by the RDA soon. This project is close to the M2- Lahore-Islamabad highway. Since 1975, the builders have been recognized in the property sector for their great property projects. The developers will expand this gigantic residential project to over 35,000 Kanal. It is located near the Margalla Hills and is surrounded by a beautiful and verdant environment. It is a housing development project in the Smart City Capital’s vicinity.

Let us explain why investment in Discovery Gardens Islamabad is a chance too wonderful to pass up. These vital elements can allow you to make an ideal lodging society investment that will improve your life a lot smoother and more colorful.

Developers and Owners

The Falaknaz Group and the Pakistan Building and Development Association collaborated on the Islamabad Discovery Gardens (ABAD). A contemporary housing society will be the dreamland. Both companies have pooled their resources to create this one-of-a-kind immobilization project. Falaknaz Group has been developing high-end developments in the sector of real estate since 1975. The company is well-known for its infrastructure development on a global scale. The majority of these projects were created in Karachi.

Exceptional Amenities

One of the reasons to invest in Discovery Gardens is that its master plan has put down 1000+ Kanal of property for luxurious amenities to address the requirements of investors and residents. Underground services, education institutions, medical facilities, central parks, and a great mosque will all be found within its walls. The lodging society also offers various first-rate amenities, such as luxury hotels, mini-golf, water & theme parks, and much more.


A feeling of safety is essential in a housing society. A gated community provides the necessary security. Advanced security techniques provide assurances of safe living in Discovery Gardens. The project’s developers will build the boundary wall around this private community. Citizens will be protected and secured around the clock by special monitoring systems, security staff, and CCTV networks. A high-security border wall will encapsulate the scheme, providing residents with strong security.

Botanical Garden

The residential design includes a botanical garden including all modern conveniences, all while being near to nature. The intimate contact with nature will deliver a one-of-a-kind environment unlike anything else in Pakistan. People are gradually migrating away from their healthier natural environment as city life becomes increasingly hectic. The organization is developing this botanical garden to ensure an eco-friendly lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle.

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Society NOC

As per the housing society’s announcements, the Discovery Gardens Housing Scheme has filed paperwork to the Rawalpindi Development Authority for a NOC and planning clearance. It is among the most important variables that are frequently addressed by investors and discussed in detail.

Urban Glance

It is critical to keep up with current lifestyles and amenities in metropolitan cities like Islamabad. The goal is to meet not only the needs of investors but also to develop an exterior that offers a current perspective with such a dynamic vision that will appeal to families and provide a simple living option. The housing society’s culture is created in such a way that it creates a robust societal environment. People will be able to live in a quality and peaceful environment, and the society will evolve into a business center, recreational places, and residential regions.

Entertainment Centre

Many places have closed due to the current epidemic, but in a gated community with sufficient precautions and procedures in place, people will enjoy entertainment centers created for people of all ages — playgrounds for children, spas, and gyms for adults, and so on. The goal is to deliver the best experience possible, and no encounter would be complete without some form of entertainment.

Management of Resources

The master approach of Discovery Gardens is being established so that the architecture of this society is being built so that it enhances the society’s natural potential while being as environmentally friendly as possible. In relation to the current source of electricity, the complex solid waste management technique is implemented into society, and water is one of the important necessities within the creative housing strategy.

Environmentally friendly

Natural resources are protected since the community is planned in such a manner. They make certain that the natural areas of the environment are not harmed. As a result, Discovery Gardens has become a peaceful environment where residents can experience tranquility and calm.

Prompt Development

The housing development is growing at a breakneck speed. Roads are currently being carpeted, and underground utilities are being laid. The developers are fully aware that the building process does not allow for any breaks, as their concept is just too appealing to sit back and rest. Because of the promised favorable returns, investors concentrate their attention and resources on the Discovery Gardens Islamabad.


As a new forthcoming project, Discovery Gardens is being designed to meet the demands and provide the conveniences that inhabitants and investors seek in society. In every project, the Falaknaaz Group has carefully considered the values and requirements of its investors. Discovery Gardens , like every other effort before it, strives to achieve a similar result. Land prices in the housing society are at a good level, allowing investors to profit. From a residential aspect, this proposed development is the greatest.

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