RMC will examine commercial building developers' compliance with authorised designs

RMC will examine commercial building developers’ compliance with authorised designs

According to a news report that appeared in national dailies on April 12, the Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation (RMC) will begin a study of the city’s home and commercial structures to determine whether they were built in accordance with the approved building plan.

According to the specifics, the survey’s primary goal is to streamline the building department because the majority of the city’s multi-story structures were built without receiving civic body approval for their building plans.

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A senior RMC official stated that the survey, which may take up to three or four months to complete, will begin soon. After the survey is finished, builders and owners who built home and commercial structures without first obtaining approvals will be subject to fines.

The official went on to say that after the survey is finished, the RMC would be able to impose construction codes, fire safety regulations, and other safety precautions that industrialized nations have identified as crucial.

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