Road maintenance departments tasked to improve capital's infrastructure

Road maintenance departments tasked to improve capital’s infrastructure

The capital’s road infrastructure and aesthetics. Recently released information indicates that the f has directed the road maintenance department to finish rehabilitation and restoration work in the capital by the end of this week. The road agency began work on reconstructing roadways throughout the federal capital almost immediately after receiving the directive.

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Following the reports, maintenance work has begun in regions such as F-5, Agha Khan Road, 7th Avenue, G-7, G-5, F-7, Serena Chowk, and Soharwardi Road, among other locations. Patching, painting curbstones, and delineating traffic lanes are all part of the rehabilitation process. CDA has also asked the relevant department to work on the repair and installation of street lighting in various important markets, parking lots, and roadways, among other things. The CDA has made funding available for this purpose. Road maintenance departments are tasked with the responsibility of enhancing the capital’s road infrastructure and aesthetics.

Additionally, in order to promote culture and improve the aesthetics of the capital, the regulatory body has mandated that murals and cultural designs be painted on a variety of bus stations and underpasses.

According to reliable sources, the environment department has begun planting flowers and beautiful plants in the Prime Minister’s Clean and Green initiative. Road maintenance departments tasked to improve capital’s infrastructure.

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