Roads are cleared hours after a cloudburst drenched the city - DC Islamabad

Roads are cleared hours after a cloudburst drenched the city – DC Islamabad

Following a cloudburst that caused widespread flooding in the city, the district administration in Islamabad stated that it had cleared roadways in the federal capital after being flooded for hours.


According to the information posted on the Twitter account of deputy commissioner Islamabad Hamza Shafqaat, the water cleaned from the E-11 area of Islamabad, which saw the highest flooding. In collaboration with the military forces, it stated that the civil administration is assisting in the sector of the E-11 rescue effort, which includes the use of heavy gear to drain the water from the streets.


The traffic police also announced that all roads in Islamabad have reopened to traffic and are seeing normal traffic flow. The capital of Islamabad was battered by torrential streams overnight, raising worries of high-level flooding in Lai Nullah as Army forces and supplies arrived to rescue civilians.


The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) stated that rescue teams from the forces had arrived in the areas most hit by the flooding caused by rainfall and streams. Flooding has occurred in Lai Nullah, Sector E11, necessitating the deployment of Army personnel to assist in the rescue effort.

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