Seven unlawful structures have been sealed of Murree

Seven unlawful structures have been sealed of Murree

Seven unlawful structures have been sealed of Murree. The tehsil government sealed seven unlawfully constructed buildings on Monday, as tourist activity resumed at the renowned location following the fatal incident that killed two dozen lives.

The buildings in question were constructed illegally at Bansra Gali, Bhurban Road, and Sunny Bank, and were sealed on the AC’s orders, along with instructions to take additional required action against the owners and facilitators of the illegal construction.

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With the area once again likely to receive snow, both the government and police conducted a study of Murree to assess the safety measures put in place for tourists.

Taimoor Khan, the Rawalpindi Chief Traffic Officer (CTO), paid a surprise visit to Murree and inspected the authorities’ measures, which include allowing only 8,000 tourist vehicles into the premises between 5:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., while residents of Murree and Kashmir are exempt from these restrictions.

Meanwhile, cargo transport on the route will be able to operate at night.

CTO Taimoor Khan evaluated traffic preparations, instructed workers stationed at the Murree checkpoints, and distributed awareness and road safety leaflets to tourists visiting Murree. He added that travellers visiting Murree should heed the traffic police’s recommendations before to their arrival.

The authority encouraged motorists to travel in a mechanically sound vehicle, to keep a toolkit in the vehicle, and to use chains on their vehicle’s tyres during snowfall. Additionally, overtaking and inappropriate parking must be avoided, and drivers must exercise patience as vehicles move slowly on snow-covered roads.

He also urged tourists to bring extra warm clothing and food, avoid completely rolling down their car windows, and cooperate with traffic wardens.

“Follow the recommendations on the traffic police information leaflet to ensure a safe and quiet travel,” the CTO advised the tourists. “You may contact the Traffic Police Helpline if you require assistance while driving.”

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