SHC inquires as to the whereabouts of the Gujjar Nullah policy

SHC inquires as to the whereabouts of the Gujjar Nullah policy

The Sindh High Court asked the provincial government and the Karachi commissioner on Monday to stop the Gujjar Nullah demolition. In the course of the drive, three residences were demolished.

Judicial Khan asked the deputy advocate-general if the government had prepared a rehabilitation strategy for the demolition victims. “If the Lyari Expressway displaced folks get alternate plots, help these impoverished people,” he said.

So the government lawyer told the court he might inform the Sindh government.

“What is the Gujjar Nullah policy? Will they get new plots or be compensated? “asked the bench. Next, the court inquired about the Sindh government’s policies.

To ensure proper drainage of rains, the Supreme Court ordered demolitions of encroachments and bottlenecks along the Gujjar and Orangi Town nullahs. In addition, the apex court ordered compensation and rehabilitation. Courts have granted stays to several rented constructions. Many now live above the ruins; residents say that authorities have yet to clear the rubble from the razed structures and begin cleaning the actual nullahs.

According to the petitioners, authorities have bulldozed different structures to build 30-foot-wide roadways on either side of the nullah, which was not included in the design approved by the Supreme Court. Aside from encroachments, they claim that too many houses are being demolished.

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In this case, the petitioner’s lawyer informed the court that three of his client’s properties were razed. Hearing delayed until September 15 after bench directed Sindh government and Karachi commissioner to present formal policy on Gujjar Nullah affected.


A petition demanding an investigation into a factory fire in Mehran Town that killed at least 16 workers was filed before the SHC. Attorney Nadeem A Sheikh has demanded an urgent hearing on the petition, citing public interest.

The petition states that the court has already ordered the government and city administration to take and execute fire safety measures. Instead, they blamed the Karachi Development Authority, the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, and the Sindh Building Control Authority for the deaths of 16 laborers. According to the report, workers scrambled to the roof to save their lives but found the doors locked.

The petitioner claimed the SSPs were to blame for such industrial facilities. Public institutions have neglected safety norms and rules, allowing unsafe factories to operate. The petitioner demanded that an SSP-level officer be assigned to the investigation and asked the court to compensate the victims’ relatives.

The petitioner demanded that the harmed families be paid Rs5 million instead of Rs1 million and that those guilty be identified and charged with murder and attempted murder.

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