Sindh approves PKR 8.5bn for Coastal Highway Project’s Phase-II

Sindh approves PKR 8.5bn for Coastal Highway Project’s Phase-II

According to news released on July 3, the Sindh government has approved the allocation of PKR 8.5 billion for the Phase-II implementation of the 31.1-kilometer-long Coastal Highway Project.

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Phase-II of the Coastal Highway Project stretches from the municipality of Buhara to the Keti Bundar settlements, reaching the Arabian Sea. Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) Haji Ali Hassan Zardari disclosed that following government sanction, interested parties have been invited to submit bids to expedite the project’s completion.

He revealed that the project was initially conceived in 2010, just a few months before the devastating floods struck Sindh, causing widespread devastation and casualties, especially in the coastal belt. Work on Phase-I, which extends from Buhara to Hargenia Salt near Bhanbhore towards the National Highway, was completed after a delay of several years. However, for a number of factors, Phase II could not begin for several years.

The need for this coastal motorway arose as a result of the continuous erosion of land and destruction of fishermen’s settlements along the coastline between Zero Point in Badin and Ali Bundar. One of the project’s primary objectives is to support agriculture and revitalise the declining fisheries industry in the deltaic region. Moreover, the project will facilitate an adequate supply of potable water to the residents of coastal villages by providing quick and convenient transportation.

MPA Zardari, elaborating on additional benefits of Phase II of the Coastal Highway Project, stated that the coastal highway would enable rescuers to respond rapidly to flooding, sea storms, boat capsizes, and other emergencies. The rescued individuals could then be transported immediately to hospitals for life-saving care.

Moreover, MPA Zardari emphasized that the coastal highway project would significantly contribute to the promotion of tourism, as both local and foreign tourists would have easy and quick access to the region’s numerous historical and cultural locations. In addition, they would have access to facilities of international quality that will be constructed in the near future.

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