Taxila Garden Housing Scheme

Taxila Garden

Taxila Garden Housing Scheme is the latest housing community where construction work is going on for investors and future inhabitants. Moreover, there will be modern and lucrative features for all investors. Furthermore, all prospective residents will have exceptional and ideal living standards. And the reason for all investors to make a perfect living here is the features and provision of international and world-class features and facilities. Lastly, the perk and benefits of investing in this housing community are available in this blog:

Owners & Developers

Landmark Builders and Developers will be creating this magnificent housing complex near Taxila. Moreover, a team of professionals will make an exceptional living space for everyone. Furthermore, trust and reliability are two factors that these developers will offer to the investors. And that is also increasing the investment rates in the Taxila gardens.

NOC Status

The no objection certificate is a vital and mandatory document all investors must check before residential and commercial investment. Moreover, soon the legal status will be available from the concerned authorities. Furthermore, the investment rates also increase as the investors confirm noc approval. However, the housing ventures will soon be legal entities where the investors and future inhabitants will have ideal investment opportunities.

Location & Map

The site is the most charming feature of Taxila Garden. Moreover, the site will be at Canal road Taxila. Furthermore, it will be highly accessible from the UET Taxila, Khanpur Dan, KPK hills, Margalla Hills and GT Road. All these access points make it an ideal and closet spot to invest primarily for the residents of twin cities. The developers will soon reveal the exact location and their nearby landmarks. However, here is its location map to get the investors an idea regarding this housing venture investment.

Taxila Garden Housing Scheme location map

Payment Plans

The housing venture is fulfilling the needs of the investors with the ideal investment opportunities in the surrounding area. Moreover, affordable property rates and the instalment provision will be available like in the New City Paradise. Most importantly, there will be segregation of plot prices under these groups.

Executive Block Payment Plan

The prices at this block are in the range of most investors because of the instalment provisions. Moreover, the payment schedule is also reliable for paying the total payment. And the other quarterly and yearly instalment details are these:

Executive Block Payment Plan

Commercial Plots Payment Plan

A commercial zone will be available in the community to offer monetary benefits to all investors. Moreover, the price rates are feasible and practical to pay with the easy instalment plan. Lastly, the table below has all the other payment details.

Commercial Plots Payment Plan

Master Plan

The countless living spaces at the housing complex are increasing the worth and interest of the investors. Moreover, the unique living standards all investors are looking into will be available in the community, like in the TAB City Rawalpindi. Furthermore, lucrative world-class features will attract most investors to make an ideal living here. But, most importantly, the access to all high-end and essential facilities in a single place is increasing the worth of this residential investment. However, the other types of properties available in the community are:

Taxila Garden Housing Scheme master plan

Residential Plots

The housing community is known for its variety of residential investments. Moreover, to meet the family member’s needs, there will be numerous sizes of properties available in the community. Furthermore, the developers are also ensuring valuable investment opportunities in this residential community, which is why numerous amenities with lucrative features will be available here.

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Commercial Plots

The living space will help make the monetary benefits to all investors at the most affordable prices and instalment rates. Moreover, the premium architecture with the best features and facilities will be a plus for all investors to do the best business deals here. Furthermore, several sizes will also ensure different startups can grow here effectively.

  • 2 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Development Status

The development work at the Taxila Garden Housing Scheme will be starting soon. Moreover, the developers are interested in making the ideal living space for all investors with the best possible facilities. Furthermore, the levelling and cutting of the land in the community ensure that construction work will soon begin. Most importantly, the planting of trees is currently happening in the community. All investors are looking forward to the construction process that will be according to the international construction procedures. Therefore, investing here will help in yielding massive gains and profits. Lastly, the website will keep updating the investors about the construction work here.


Several features will be part of the Taxila Garden, which all future residents will enjoy at their doorstep. Moreover, the features that attract the majority of investors to make an ideal living here will be:

  • High-Class Architecture
  • Green Belts
  • Educational Centers
  • Medical Units
  • Wide Streets & Roads
  • Filtration Plants
  • Parks & Grounds
  • Cinemas
  • Fitness Area
  • Street Lights & Boards
  • Commercial Zone
  • parking Area
  • Community Center
  • Mosque
  • Optimal Drainage System
  • Shops & Marts
  • Entertainment Areas


Several Facilities will be available at the Taxila Garden. And some of the best services and facilities available at the Taxila Garden Housing Scheme are:

Access to all Facilities

All future residents will benefit from having access to the necessities, such as electricity, water, and gas, from achieving high living standards in a gated community. Additionally, all inhabitants’ daily lives will have the necessities, making it the perfect place for them to live. Most importantly, there will be minimal fees for accessing these amenities, encouraging people to start investing and relocating here.

Eco-Friendly Housing Project

The excellent living areas provided by the developers will raise their standard of living. Additionally, the community will shortly undergo a plantation drive, making the site more peaceful and green. Moreover, High-class urban planning requirements will also contribute to minimising waste during development. And that will again benefit the community.

Commercial Zone

All people will have access to commercial facilities, guaranteeing investors substantial financial gains. And for that reason, the developers are utilising high-end infrastructure to promote business growth and successful lead generation. In addition, the commercial size measurements will also assist in generating more leads. Finally, all individual investors will be able to afford the prices of these commercial plots.

Health care & Educational Centers

Thanks to the developers, all inhabitants will have access to top-notch medical services, including those in the neighbourhood. Additionally, these units will always be on call in a health-related emergency throughout the community. Furthermore, there will also be a provision for everyone to assist them in achieving more significant and global educational goals. Finally, the presence of these two necessary yet required amenities will motivate investors to pursue ideal living in the housing complex.

Secured Gated Community

The neighbourhood will provide the safest and most tranquil way of life because it is a gated community. Additionally, the inclusion of cutting-edge technology will improve daily life. Furthermore, CCTV cameras will simplify recording all actions in the housing complex. Last but not least, and most crucially, security personnel will be prowling the neighbourhood to address any troublesome circumstances.

Pros & Cons

Taxila Garden Housing Scheme will offer countless benefits to all the investors, and the best of them are here:


  • Secured Gated Community
  • Serene & Clean Environment
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Commercial Zone
  • Parking Area
  • Educational Institutes
  • Green Belts
  • Adequate Drainage System
  • Mosque
  • Family Parks
  • Marts & Shops
  • Community Centers
  • Grid station
  • Entertainment Area
  • Prime Location
  • Affordable housing scheme


  • High plots prices perception

Why Invest in Taxila Garden Housing Scheme?

The housing complex will provide the standard of living that prospective buyers and current residents look for in an excellent residential investment. Additionally, the developers are giving everyone in a single gated community a fantastic and long-term investment opportunity. Furthermore, the best lifestyle amenities will also be accessible here, including the essentials like power, water, and gas, as well as the abundant ones like the fitness centre, marts, and top-notch infrastructure. Lastly, these are the benefits of purchasing a stake in this apartment building. Because of this, every investor will pay the best price for the property.


The home development is the appropriate spot because it has greater accessibility. Additionally, everyone will have access to first-rate facilities, making it a dependable and long-term investment. Moreover, it will include the amenities and features that all investors envisioned purchasing. Most crucially, there will be high-end architecture that will improve how most investors live. Furthermore, most investors will also consider the location and amenities fascinating, leading them to make a safe and reliable investment here. Additionally, the developers will get a housing legal status shortly, strengthening the investor’s dependability and credibility. Finally, Estate Land Marketing will provide investment advice to make a sustainable investment here.


Q1. What is Taxila Garden Housing Scheme?

It is the latest housing community where construction work is going on for investors and future inhabitants.

Q2. Where is it located, and where are the access points?

The location map will be at Canal road Taxila. Furthermore, it will be highly accessible from the UET Taxila, Khanpur Dan, KPK hills, Margalla Hills and GT Road.

Q3. Who is building Taxila Garden Housing Scheme?

Landmark Builders and Developers will be creating this magnificent housing complex near Taxila.

Q4. Are the prices rates available for the properties?

Yes, extremely affordable, plus instalment rates are available for all investors.

Q5. Will there be a commercial zone available for startup opportunities?

Yes, several sizes of commercial set-up will be available for all to make any business venture grow.

Q6. Is it a legal investment option?

Soon, the developers will share the good news of its NOC approval.

Q7. Is investment here reliable and long-term?

Of course, the developers ensure that the facilities and features will help yield long-term and reliable benefits to all.

Q8. How to find and get a dream investment here?

Estate Land Marketing will provide investment advice to make a sustainable investment here.

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