The 10th Avenue environmental approval hearing is on Thursday

The 10th Avenue environmental approval hearing is on Thursday

Media sources say that the Pakistan Environment Protection Agency (EPA) said on February 19 (Saturday) that a public hearing on the 10th Avenue project will be held on Thursday (February 24).

Ali Awan: The 10th Avenue, which will connect the two cities, will be finished in Rs. 12bn.

According to the details, the EPA has asked everyone to come to the public hearing and give their opinion. The public hearing will be held at the Jinnah Convention Center. People say that 925 mature trees will be moved before the project starts.

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In reports, the Capital Development Authority was supposed to build the 10th Avenue project. Instead, the authority gave the job to the National Logistics Cell (NLC).

The road project would connect IJP Road to Khayaban-e-Iqbal, making it easier for people from different parts of the city to get around. The project will cut down on traffic in sectors F-10, G-9, G-10, H-10, I-9, and I-10.

A law called the Pakistan Environmental Protection Act (PEPA) 1997 says that for every development project, there must be a report called an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The goal of an EIA is to figure out what might happen to the environment if a project is done.

The ceremony for Islamabad’s 10th Avenue was led by Mr. Asad Umer.

People who work for the Environmental Protection Agency say that by planting trees in the right way, they can lessen the damage to plants. The plants on the side of the road will look better and help the environment.

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