The CDA allots land for the child protection institute

The CDA allots land for the child protection institute

News sources say that the board of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) agreed on Friday to give a plot in Sector H-11/4 for the first child protection institute to be built in Islamabad.

The Islamabad Capital Territory Child Protection Act, 2018, says that a child protection center must be built, so the board gave its approval to the project. The Ministry of Human Rights (HR) will start building the institute once it has been given 8 kanals of land. The institute will help vulnerable children and those who have been abused as children in Islamabad by protecting them and helping them get back on their feet. This will be done in consultation with and coordination with all relevant stakeholders.

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Sources from the CDA said that the meeting on Friday would be about 18 projects and development-related agenda items, such as summaries of changes to zoning rules and proposed bylaws for agro farms. Since there wasn’t enough time, the meeting was set to continue on Monday, November 14, to talk about the ICT Zoning Regulations 1992 for Zone-III of Islamabad. The CDA is supposed to let Zone-III be regulated so that houses can be built on green land, but the policy still isn’t clear on what kind of houses can be built. Sources from the CDA said that the members of the board think that only locals should be able to build small houses on Zone-III land, not big developers.

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It is important to know that Islamabad is split into five zones, except for Zone-III, which is made up of the Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP) and private land. Zone III is made up of 50,000 acres of land, 20,000 of which are owned privately.

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