The CDA chief ordered the opening of the Bhara Kahu bypass, to heavy traffic

The CDA chief ordered the opening of the Bhara Kahu bypass, to heavy traffic

ISLAMABAD: On Tuesday, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) management expressed concern regarding the closure of the I.J. Principal Road and the Bhara Kahu bypass, worth billions of rupees, due to high traffic. As a result, the relevant wing was instructed to reopen both roads to all types of traffic.

As per authoritative sources, CDA Chairman Anwarul Haq observed the heavy traffic congestion-related closures of the Bhara Kahu bypass and a segment of the I.J. Principal Road near Sabzi Mandi during a meeting to assess multiple projects.

He stated that these projects had been completed at a cost of billions of rupees; therefore, they should be opened to the public for their utmost benefit.

The expenditure for the Bhara Kahu bypass project exceeded Rs6.5 billion, with an additional Rs1.5 billion anticipated to be added due to supplementary work. A consultant is presently evaluating the cost and additional labour as a third-party validation.

Officials from the CDA stated that both projects’ structural stability was unaffected and that their closure to heavy traffic was for technical reasons. They explained that heavy traffic was prohibited from using the bypass road due to its several abrupt curves, which posed a hazard for high-speed heavy vehicles. However, all parties involved reached a consensus that road closures are not a viable solution. Instead, they suggested that the matter could be resolved through the implementation of traffic enforcement, speed breakers, and signboards.

An official stated, “Since the chairman issued a clear directive today, I am optimistic that this matter will be resolved in the coming days, and the bypass will also be accessible to heavy traffic.”

In the interim, sources claim that the CDA chief authorised heavy traffic on Karnal Sher Khan Road, formerly referred to as I.J. Principal Road, during the meeting. They reported that it was discussed at the meeting that a severe traffic closure had been implemented on a flyover near Sabzi Mandi as a result of a landing issue on a regular road.

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It was communicated to the meeting that in the event that heavy traffic encountered a regular road, flexible lanes would be utilised instead of rigid routes. These flexible lanes were originally designated for light traffic, but heavy traffic had encroached upon them on both sides of the road in the specified area. As per the sources, a decision was made for the CDA to eliminate all forms of obstruction in the vicinity and direct heavy traffic to utilise rigid lanes exclusively, with the assistance of traffic police.

“However, it was not justified to close the flyover on Karnal Sher Khan Road for such a trivial matter (encroachment),” stated a CDA official.

Additionally, other ongoing projects, such as the extension of Park Road and a segment of the road connecting Sector D-12 to Sector E-11, were reportedly deliberated upon during the meeting. The chairman instructed the engineering division to ensure the expeditious removal of utility services from Park Road and the timely completion of this project during the session.

It was reported to the meeting that the D-12 to E-11 road construction project was nearing completion and would likely reopen to traffic within a few weeks. According to sources, the project review meeting to assess the progress of other ongoing initiatives will also occur on Wednesday.

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