The construction of Islamabad Technopolis is about to commence

The construction of Islamabad Technopolis is about to commence

The construction of Islamabad Technopolis is about to commence. STZA is ready to start work on the Islamabad Technopolis near Chak Shahzad.

Some people who work in STZA say that National Engineering Services Pakistan (Nespak) is the project’s manager and that they work for the company. Its land use and layout plan has been made together by the consultant and the authority, they said. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has been asked to approve the layout plan (LOP), and after that, the authority will move on to start construction.

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The STZA wants to build the Islamabad Technopolis on 140 acres next to the National Institute of Health (NIH) Colony in the area of Chak Shahzad, near the National Institute of Health. Last year, the land was given to STZA by the CDA.

Islamabad Technopolis will help Pakistan’s technology experts get better, according to a working paper. It’s also expected to bring in money from other countries and create jobs in the technology field.

For global tech companies and expats, this facility will be the first choice in the region because of its high-tech infrastructure and tax breaks. Currently, a number of zone developers and businesses have been permitted to start building at the Islamabad Technopolis.

According to the website of the STZA, the authority was set up to help the country’s technology sector grow through legislative and institutional help. People in this group, which is part of the Cabinet Division, will work to build a technology-driven knowledge ecosystem and encourage modern innovative solutions and future entrepreneurship.

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