The government approves PCB's plan to build a stadium in Islamabad

The government approves PCB’s plan to build a stadium in Islamabad

The government approves PCB’s plan to build a stadium in Islamabad. It was announced on Friday that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had received official approval for the construction of a fresh new cricket stadium in Islamabad by the year 2025.

The decision was reached during a meeting between PCB chairman Ramiz Raja and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, which took place here.

Pakistan is due to host the ICC Champions Trophy in 2025, and Ramiz, since his appointment as the board’s chairman, has been outspoken about the quality of international cricket venues in the country, which he believes are not up to the requisite degree of excellence.

A recent news conference by the former Test captain stated that the PCB was looking forward to constructing a “high-tech” stadium in the federal capital of Washington, DC.

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It was only in 2008 that the Pakistan People’s Party’s federal government approved the construction of a stadium in Islamabad, after the Capital Development Authority allocated 40 acres of land for the project.

The PCB, on the other hand, neglected to begin construction on the property, causing the CDA to terminate the 33-year lease. The CDA granted authorization to the federal government in 2012 to re-start construction work on the site, which began in 2013.

This time, the organization was granted 35 acres of property and wanted a 30 percent share of all revenue earned by the activities held at the venue once it was completed and operational.

In light of the fact that the project’s authorized area is within the boundaries of Shakarparian National Park, the CDA requested that the PCB produce an environmental assessment report on the project. That failure by the board resulted in work being suspended once more just after the completion of the boundary wall was reached.

However, despite the announcement by the then PCB chairman, Najam Sethi, that construction work would resume on the site, no significant progress was made.

Ehsan Mani, who took over as Sethi’s successor in 2018, does not have the Islamabad stadium on his priority list. He was more concerned with the reconstruction of the Niaz Stadium in Hyderabad, which was closer to Karachi than any other project.

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