The Numberdar System will be reinstated: Punjab Government

The Numberdar System will be reinstated: Punjab Government

After twenty years, the Punjab Government plans to reintroduce the Numberdar system in Lahore. This action was implemented to strengthen the system of local governance. This system was effectively in existence in Punjab for quite some time before it was replaced in an effort to modernize the system. The move is anticipated to generate a staggering 12,000 employment opportunities.

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A Numberdar/Lumbardar/Headman is an executive/district officer appointed by the government in a municipality or village. He is responsible for collecting local taxes and handling all business. He also represents the residents of a particular region. The government assigns a number of Numberdars to each region in order to collect land taxes and handle other administrative matters.

The market has mixed reactions to the ambitious measure, but job creation is viewed as a positive step during this period of high inflation. The system is regarded as an efficient means of enhancing local governance. A summary for expedited review has been proposed to speed up the procedure. Only qualified resources will be admitted based solely on merit.

Approximately 38,000 Numberdars have been allocated 100 Kanals of land across the province. This action is taken to acknowledge the efforts of the local governance system. The revived system is viewed favourably by the current administration. Officials deem the action necessary to better manage local concerns such as natural disasters, education, livestock, and health, among others.

Numerous individuals have applauded the reintroduction of the Numberdar System, which has strengthened the local system at the grassroots level. Local communities are regarded as being included in the Numberdar system. In a few months, it will be evident whether the next elected government will continue this revival, which is a significant implementation question.

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