The real estate guys podcast review

The real estate guys podcast review

It is the era of digitalization and content like ‘The Real Estate Guys Podcast’ provides a gamut of information. It not only helps them make better investment decisions but also hints at a much better, lucrative, and impeccable future for the industry overall. Now, it is widely known that real estate is a huge and comprehensive industry which means that all the sectors and departments need to be on their toes. That is the sole way the industry can flourish.

In addition, multiple types of podcasts serve different purposes and help the viewers and consumers to get benefits in multiple niches. Well, so does ‘The Real Estate Guys podcast.’ One of the best real estate podcasts to be available everywhere. Anyhow, we will look into the podcast and see how is any different from the staple/other podcast. So, keep reading.

Types of Podcasts

As discussed before, the era of digitalization does bring us a whole lot of modes to acquire knowledge. Well, the Real Estate Guys podcast is one of them. Talking about the multiple types of podcasts, it is only apt to say that different needs serve different purposes. Investors looking for real estate consultants who can assist in them buying an ideal property, agents looking for educative content, trending news, and much more, all podcasts serve differently.

Therefore, listeners and content consumers only tune into the kind of podcast that they want and are in need of. To get the information that particularly serves them. In addition, instead of wasting time and listening about all the facets of the industry would simply go in vain. That is why we took the topic of talking about it.

The Real Estate Guys Podcast

It will cover everything as the review of the podcast and the investor and content consumers need to hear. So, bear with us as we walk you through the comprehensive guide to reviewing the impeccable and highly known podcast out there. There are many other types too such as commercial real estate podcasts, residential, and many more. Let’s see what this one is about.

Distinctive facets

Here is how The real estate guys Podcast stands differently and all the things that it has to offer in general.

Topic Amalgamation

If we look at the reviews that listeners have put out after every episode, it mostly revolves around how the podcast gathers all the topics and discusses them thoroughly. The fact that it is highly true makes it stand out. Whether it is about market trends, economic progression, building equity, saving reserves, capital raising, or anything else, the Real Estate Guys Podcast covers you via all aspects.


The fact that this podcast covers all the major and hot/trending topics in the market, it is no novelty that all of them are highly keen, thorough, and deep. It helps the investors in every way possible, making it hugely insightful. Not to forget that this is the exact purpose of a podcast – make it as interesting and informative as possible. As there are multiple types of real estate investment strategies, the focus is on that too.

All top real estate podcasts on Spotify can help you get a better idea. 


As we are reviewing the podcast, therefore, we need to be as true as possible. Moreover, the amount of information and awareness that the podcast gives is appreciated. But the downside is that there are way too many ads running.

Therefore, the real estate guys Podcast does get a handful of criticism for that sheer resistance where people invested in the episode have to listen to unnecessary and frequent ads in between.


There is a small set of times when the listener and the consumers feel content. It is when the hosts or the guests sitting in that podcast are truly experienced. Well, the real estate Guys podcast covers it all more. Hosts, Russel and Robert, have huge experience and, thus, speak extraordinarily.

Gamut of information

Among the flood of other reviews, one common is that the listeners are guaranteed a whole lot of information. It is so because the hosts know what they are talking about. Therefore, the gamut of information is highly helpful in every aspect and facet.


In conclusion note, the podcast is a big name in the industry and it is precisely.  Therefore, that is precisely why the podcast is one of the finest examples as far as podcast content is concerned. Anyhow, Estate Land Marketing is always available to serve you with kinds of information and awareness.

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