The PHC filed a petition opposing Mansehra uplift schemes

The PHC filed a petition opposing Mansehra uplift schemes

The PHC filed a petition opposing Mansehra uplift schemes. Mohammad Naeem, a Mansehra district member of the opposition Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, has petitioned the Peshawar High Court against launching development schemes in his PK-32 constituency, claiming the ‘illegal’ government initiative is intended to benefit an unsuccessful election candidate of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf.

He asked the court to declare ‘illegal and based on favoritism’ the chief minister’s directives to launch development schemes in the constituency on the recommendation of a candidate who had lost the election to him and other areas in the district where PTI nominees were elected.

The legislator prayed that the court directs the chief minister to incorporate developmental schemes proposed by him into the District Development Plan for Mansehra, Hazara division, to meet his constituents’ demands.

He also requested an order compelling the chief minister to exercise his authority over using funds fairly and transparently and to disburse development funds without discrimination.

Opposition lawmaker claims that the government’s initiative was intended to benefit the PTI’s election loser in his district.

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The petition, filed through lawyer Manzoor Khan Khalil, names as respondents the chief minister, chief secretary, additional chief secretary (planning and development), secretaries of finance and local government, Senator Azam Swati, Mansehra MNA Saleh Shah, PTI legislators Syed Ahmad Hussain, Babar Saleem Swati, and Nawabzada Salahuddin, as well as the District Development Advisory Committee and Mansehra deputy commissioner.

The petitioner stated that he recently learned that the chief minister had committed billions of rupees to the District Development Plan Mansehra, which includes development schemes in his constituency.

He claimed that the schemes in his constituency were launched on the recommendation of PTI Senator Azam Swati in order to benefit local PTI figure Zahid Chanzeb, who had narrowly lost the 2018 general elections to him.

Additionally, the petitioner stated that development schemes were approved for additional constituencies in the Mansehra district from which the ruling PTI’s candidates were elected as MPAs and MNAs.

He added that he had lodged a complaint with the chief minister regarding the matter, requesting that he make a fair decision regarding the allocation of development funds to his constituency, but received no response.

The petitioner contended that allocating funds for development schemes in his constituency favoring an election loser violated applicable rules and was motivated by favoritism.

He claimed that he had also raised the issue on the house floor during its October 2021 session, hoping for a resolution, but to no avail.

Additionally, the petitioner contended that because the local government elections had already been announced, the distribution of large sums of money for developmental projects on the recommendation of PTI lawmakers and leaders constituted pre-poll rigging and was motivated by malice. The PHC filed a petition opposing Mansehra uplift schemes.

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