The process of cleaning up Khanpur Dam has begun

The process of cleaning up Khanpur Dam has begun

The process of cleaning up Khanpur Dam has begun. A cleanup effort in and around Khanpur Dam has initiated a welcoming environment for tourists visiting the dam.

Haripur Deputy Commissioner (DC) Muhammad Mughis Sanaullah ordered a one-week clean-up drive. At the same time, Khanpur Assistant Commissioner (AC) Sara Tawab Omar went above and above to make the site seem as good as possible. Issued instructions to the personnel of the Town Municipal Administration to guarantee that cleaned public places and parks daily. Events to raise awareness about the campaign are also organized to gain the general public’s support.

The dam is the closest tourist spot, located between Islamabad and Rawalpindi. During festivals, such as Eid, this site receives around 200,000 visitors. Because of the enormous number of visitors, the stink emanating from uncollected waste in the vicinity of the destination has been growing steadily over the previous few weeks. Khanpur Dam is being cleaned up, and the procedure has begun.

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The Khanpur AC paid a visit to the water reservoir yesterday and expressed his displeasure with the accumulating dirt and the breach of coronavirus standard operating procedures.

To maintain the site, the AC asked the TMA authorities to do so. Upon being contacted, TMA authorities stated that procedures would be put in place to ensure the effectiveness of the clean-up operation. The location, according to the AC, is a magnificent area that is abundant in natural beauty. She stated that the TMA officials are doing everything they can within their means to maintain the region clean. However, according to the AC, residents, and tourists must also act responsibly and dispose of garbage exclusively in designated trash cans. Cleaning up Khanpur Dam has begun.

A counter has been established following DC guidelines to check travelers’ Covid-19 test results and immunization certificates. In addition, there have been sent out the required instructions to the relevant personnel on implementing preventive measures.

As a result of the instructions issued by the provincial administration, the Khanpur AC requested that retailers keep their establishments closed on Saturday and Sunday and to clean the Khanpur Dam as soon as possible.

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