The Supreme Court maintains the status quo at the Monal Restaurant

The Supreme Court maintains the status quo at the Monal Restaurant

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court ordered that the Monal Group of Companies’ appeal against a decision by the Islamabad High Court to seal and take over the Monal Restaurant on the Margalla Hills be kept on hold.

A three-judge Supreme Court bench led by Justice Ijazul Ahsan took up the appeal, but it turned down the request for a stay against the high court’s decision. The court said it couldn’t overturn the IHC order at this point.

After postponing further hearings for the next week, the court also served the federal government and other defendants with notices. The notices included the Capital Development Authority (CDA), the Metropolitan Corporation of Islamabad, the Remount Veterinary and Farms (RVF) Department, the Secretary of Defense, and the Director of RVF General Headquarters (GHQ).

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The petition, which senior lawyer Makhdoom Ali Khan brought, said that the high court had used its powers to order the chairman of the CDA and the head of the Islamabad Wild Life Management Board (IWMB) to take over the Monal Restaurant and seal the premises, even though none of the parties had asked for this. The court said this was a violation of the petitioner’s fundamental rights.

Because of the high court order, the petitioner said that the Monal Group of Companies had 650 employees, and the employees and their families were hurt.

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