Wahab proposes rerouting heavy traffic on the Lyari Expressway

Wahab proposes rerouting heavy traffic on the Lyari Expressway

News sources reported on November 17 that Karachi Administrator Murtaza Wahab said the government plans to move all heavy traffic out of the city onto the Lyari Expressway.

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He said that many of the roads in the city are not good for heavy traffic and cause problems for regular cars. He also said that the current road infrastructure will be improved by adding more parking spots for trucks on the Lyari Expressway. Wahab told Noor Khan Niazi, the head of the Karachi Goods Carrier Association, that the government will soon buy 1,000 acres of land near the Northern Bypass to build truck stands. This will help solve some of the city’s biggest traffic problems, since trucks parked in the city near the port area cause traffic jams and are also dangerous. The city administrator said that the government will continue to work with business owners to improve the city, and that suggestions are welcome to make sure that everyone can benefit from growth.

It is important to know that fuel trucks are often seen near the seaport terminals in Karachi and the Bin Qasim port. These trucks pose a risk to life because they are often full of flammable materials. The government has already given money so that the truck stops can be moved outside of town.

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