7 Wonders City Commercial Vs Nova City Commercial

7 Wonders City Commercial Vs Nova City Commercial


7 Wonders City Vs Nova City is the question that every investor has in their minds. Moreover, the developers of both housing schemes are building these world-class living spaces that will offer monetary benefits to everyone. Furthermore, the developers are building commercial areas with high-quality infrastructure to help the community develop its business model. And the prices of the properties there will be ideal and attractive. So, all investors can make an easy and valuable investment. Lastly, the blogs will explain the better investment option for the investors. So, without delay, let’s dive into the housing project’s features.

7 Wonders City Commercial Plots

Seven Wonders City Islamabad is a tremendous real estate investment for all the citizens, especially for Islamabad’s and Rawalpindi’s residents. Moreover, compared to 7 Wonders City Vs Nova City, it is hard to tell which housing society offers the best commercial properties. Furthermore, this housing venture’s best feature is its site close to CPEC-Ring Road Interchange. And that also improves the worth of this housing scheme. Most importantly, this is an affordable luxury residential project with several properties for its investors and future residents. Lastly, the commercial properties in this residential project are:

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Payment Plans

In comparing 7 Wonders City Vs Nova City, commercial plots prices and the payment plan of both residential projects are super affordable. Moreover, the payment plan gives a straightforward approach via instalment provision like in the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. And the developers will offer 48 monthly instalments and eight half monthly instalments. Furthermore, the price of four marlas commercial plots will be PKR 5,500,000/-. Whereas the payment plan of eight marlas plots will be PKR 11,000,000/-. However, the downpayment is a mandatory element of beginning the purchasing process.

Features & Facilities

The housing society has a lot to offer its residents regarding the features and facilities. Moreover, 7 Wonders City Vs Nova City is willing to provide luxury and convenience to its future residents. Furthermore, the infrastructure will be of superior quality that will help the investors create more business leads. And to find potential customers leads are necessary. Most importantly, all essential and luxury commodities will be available to assist the business venture’s growth, like the Blue World City Islamabad. Lastly, location is the most beneficial aspect of business growth positively.

Nova City Commercial Plots

The other residential venture is available almost on the same site and offers valuable commercial investors for the twin cities’ residents is the Nova City Islamabad. Moreover, it is near the Rawalpindi Ring Road and the CPEC route, which increases the community’s worth of commercial and residential properties. Furthermore, the Nova City Developers are building this magnificent housing endeavour. And both 7 Wonders City Vs Nova City have commercial properties for their residents. Lastly, the properties that will fulfil the commercial investment are:

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Price Range

The affordability attracts most investors as investors from various economic backgrounds can make a worthy investment in the residential venture. Moreover, according to the latest payment plan, the owners give massive instalments to all the investors. Furthermore, the 7 Wonders City Vs Nova City comparison suggests the price difference. And the prices of these plots are easily playable after the booking payment. Moreover, the four marlas price will be PKR 60,00,000/- and the eight marlas commercial plots price is PKR 1,20,00,000/-. Therefore, investment in this modern and luxurious housing scheme for commercial purposes will be profitable.


When it comes to the amenities, the 7 Wonders City Vs Nova City both have a lot of benefits for investing in them. Moreover, residential ventures have the best living area for everyone. Similarly, the commercial space has also all the essential provisions, including electricity, gas and water. And there will be CCTV cameras with a fully secured environment suitable for all the business models. Furthermore,  the infrastructure will also be beautiful, increasing the leads for business growth. However, a sitemap is the best factor for business model growth. Therefore, investment in this housing venture will create massive wealth.


7 Wonders City Vs Nova City has the best commercial properties for all the investors and the residents. Moreover, developers are famous for their outstanding construction work. And the investors trust them with their investments. Furthermore, both residential endeavours have commercial plots available. And the housing schemes’ commercial properties are more or less the same price. Moreover, with the best features and facilities, there will be a variety of perks for all business owners.

Most importantly, the housing projects are at the commercial hub near Rawalpindi Ring Road and CPEC Intercahges, giving marvellous opportunities to all business owners. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing can offer the best deal for these residential ventures. So, contact them and find your ideal property.

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